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Originally Posted by BetsyNY View Post
You need to sleep, mama. Sleep deprivation is serious! It makes people crazy, literally losing-your-mind crazy. Falling apart, as you put it....You're no good to your babes if you can't function.
I was there four years ago. I wanted to know how to be committed (the constant anxiety/panic... horrendous). A kind friend told me that the horror of being admitted for psych eval via the ER was NOT going to help me and I.just.gave.in.

I left hubby and kids, no backwards glance, picked up some "fridge friendly healthy food," rented a hotel room and slept for two straight days, only interrupted to eat either my good food or room-service yumminess.

Then I went home and put in ear plugs at night for the next 3 months, leaving hubby in charge. Was it easy on him? Were there moments my kids *needed* me? But six years of extended periods of NO REM SLEEP left me incapable of anything else.

Years later we're all okay, but I remember that time. Love your family and love yourself... and take the time to bring yourself back to functional. And know that you're not alone.
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you are not alone...

I hit my breaking point with 2 kids under 2 both special needs no sleep and both is masive eating issues. ( i am sure yours are worse)

I called the local children's hopsital and asked for support. The set me up with the ARC. http://www.thearc.org/netcommunity/
Some have programs for parents with special needs

Also a social worker is the person I call to help with appt. stress and just to witch at her. She is a life saver and really helped with doctors
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I'm just seeing this thread now but I totally could have written your post. Both of my children have EOS disease and you described my second to a tee. No sleep and complete frustration over not knowing how to help my child made me a wreck. As much as I hate to say it, elemental formula changed his life and in turn mine. When I finally got up the courage to try it (and with us it had to be an all or nothing choice so it was complete weaning when we found something he would drink at 15 months) He went from a baby who screamed 24/7 and never slept more than 20-30 mins at a time, to a completely new little guy. We had very fast results but many families report having a period of worsening before improvement. With my only eating 6 foods nursing was still not apparently a safe option for him.
My days are still not easy by any means and I still have my fair share of feeling at my wits end. Cooking two different allergen free menus, doing tube feeds, and being pregnant is hard. My youngest only has 5 safe foods now at 3 yrs but he is feeling much better. My oldest has had much better results and can now eat everything except dairy, soy, gluten eggs and most nuts which is great.
I now realize that I need to get things in line for help. I need to hire a mother's helper for when this baby is born but try to fit it in what we can afford. I'm doing everything possible to make nursing this baby work and although I can honestly say it is one of my biggest fears that it won't be the best option for this baby I think I would not be so resistant to trying an elemental formula this time.
I too do not have family nearby and although they will come if needed, they are not readily offering help and do not always seem that helpful.
I'm glad it sounds as though things are slowly improving, but please don't be afraid to ask for the help. You deserve to have the resources you need to parent the way you would like to.
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