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used both ergo & mei tai? - Page 2

Poll Results: Which is most comfortable?

  • 57% (24)
  • 42% (18)
    Mei Tai
42 Total Votes  
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wish you had given 'other' as a choice.

loved our mei tai for when DD was a prewalker/early walker & didn't want constant up & down.
I prefer our Ergo now b/c it is faster in & out.
I like our mt for front & back carries
I like our Ergo only for back carries.
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I don't like my ergo at all

I love my Kozy (mei tai) for both my five month old (19 lbs) and 2 yr old (30 lbs). Next I would vote for my ring sling. Then my vote would go to my homemade stretchy wrap.

Hope you can try both to help you make a decision.
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Babywearing carrier are like shoes.. You need a few of them, different ages,seasons, situations, etc.
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I put mei tai, but really it depends on the mei tai vs which SSC. The ergo just didn't fit me well, whereas I LOVED my sachi mei tai. Now, however, with DD2, I'm loving my TMD buckle-tai more than my sachis. I wasn't a fan at any point of the Kozy or BabyHawk. Or the Beko Butterfly (also couldn't get it snug enough on my frame.)
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I prefer my Ergo over my Mei Tai. DS fit really well in both carriers, but DD just doesn't fit well in the Mei Tai.
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