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Whole cow milk - what to do with it?

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DD gets about two gallons of whole milk each month on her WIC checks - she can only drink rice milk due to sensativites that don't warrant an allergy exemption. So I've got gallons of whole milk sitting in my freezer taking up room. I'm learning how to make cheese, but I have to have some special ingredient for it to come out right...

Does anyone have any ideas for what to do with it all?
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*drink it
*bake with it
*make pancakes/waffles for breakfast in the morning
*do you have a crock pot? you could try making yogurt
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You can use it to make homemade pudding and cream sauces, also ice cream. "Cream of" soups that are homemade and delicious...

This Chicken Divan recipe has a recipe within it for cream sauce.
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My mom always made pudding when we had extra milk.

I would make yogurt. (along with the pudding!!)
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have you made farmer's cheese before? You culture the milk with buttermilk (really easy. Mix in 2 TBS commercial buttermilk with live cultures per qt of milk, leave for 12-18 hours until soured in a warm spot in the room. I use the back of my gas stove, as it's warm but not too hot for my hands.), then heat it, add a little more acid if nessicary (ei if the curd doesn't seperate from the whey as you heat it), add salt, and strain the curds in a muslin cloth. (the acid from the buttermilk causes the curds to seperate) You get a softer cheese, like chevre in consistancy. You don't need to buy anything like rennet, and it's quite easy.

I second yogurt, ice cream, pudding, and creamy sauces.

Also, cream of greens/etc soups.

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I just did not get the milk part when we got WIC. I told them I would not and they upped the cheese quota. Then I researched and learned how much healthier we would be with no cow's milk products. We are now GFCFSF (and only organic). Pretty much nothing on the checks is healthy (IMO) other than the fresh organic veggies. The dried beans cannot be organic, nor the pb, nor the eggs, nor the cereals (which are GMO)... so I stopped getting WIC. I had thought of getting the milk and taking it to the food bank, but decided I did not want to give unhealthy (IMO) foods away to others either.
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You can make easy, fresh cheeses with just an acid (like lime or lemon juice or vinegar). You then use them for ricotta or you can drain and use it for the paneer part of Indian food. It takes a whole gallon to just make a pound of cheese,so you could use up the milk pretty fast that way.

We like homemade yogurt made with whole milk, too.
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Look up how to make paneer, soft Indian cheese that just needs heat and lemon juice.
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Most places, you don't have to get the milk if you don't want to. When we were on WIC, I didn't (I dropped off wic when we started getting foodstamps... just slightly less of a hassle
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