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Chatty Chat Thread May 22-29

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Woohoo! My first posted chat thread..im just so proud .

So what are all you ladies stressing about?
My list is sunscreen, ordering my slings and diapers and my big move to the States which happens on Thursday! Where has the flipping time gone??!?
I am due July 12th, so right in the middle (almost) and cannot believe that on Monday I am 33 weeks pregnant..less then 2 months to go!
I am having horrible cravings for Tim Hortons Iced Capps in Hazelnut...nothing hits the spot like some sugar, chemical laden icey drinks. Yesterday I would have killed someone for a pepsi icee...Anyone else craving things you haven't drank/eaten since AGES ago?
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Ice cream

Baby's hospital bag (suitcase ) is packed, diapers are washed and fluffed, clothes are washed and folded or hung, etc., etc. I am READY for Baby. Now I'm just starting to freak out about whether I'm ready for myself. It just hit me today that I'm going to need to finally decide what I think about nursing tanks, bras, pajamas, etc. and make myself go try some on and buy whatever huge bra size fits. I just wonder "will they ever stop growing?" Should I buy now? Should I buy later? Ack! She's coming in mid-June (thank you, vasa previa) - there is no "later." I'm also wondering whether to buy the HipSlimmer or some similar hip-shrinking device? Opinions? Is it a waste of money or will it really help? My hips haven't spread that much, but I'm starting to feel soooo ready to be thin again. I'm definitely doing the Belly Bandit. I suppose I really just need to pack my own bag now. For 4 days in the hospital. And a Cesarean. O-ver-whelm-ing.
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OMG NELLE! I want the hip shrinx that they sell at babies r us...
Have you looked at the earth mama angels baby website? They have products for csections recovery.
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I am having horrible cravings for Tim Hortons Iced Capps in Hazelnut...nothing hits the spot like some sugar, chemical laden icey drinks
What is with that!?!? I haven't felt much like eating real food lately and if I didn't have better since could pretty much LIVE off of iced mochas and lattes.

I remember seeing a hip slimmer review somewhere that wasn't very good. Bummer, that' s my big issue too. Last time even after my weight was dowb I couldn't get pants up because of my hips. I'd LOVE to hear if any of you try it though. I am feeling ready to be slimmer again too. Babywearing is a great way to mask that postpartum tummy though!

Totally embarrassing confession only a pregnant woman would understand...If I stand at my closet (with my belly in the closet) and look over to the bathroom mirror I look nearly normal. It helps remind me that I won't have this huge bump forever.
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Rofl...Cobaby maker that is just a lovely thought, I am giggling hysterically at the mental image! I am also not in a real food mood but am loving watermelon and icey drinks...its really insane since I never drink that stuff normally...ahh well.
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Okay, so I'm totally ordering the Shrinkx Hips. You can wear it under clothes and it looks easier/more convenient than the HipSlimmer. And it's a little cheaper.

I'll also be honest and say I'm starting to freak out about the vasa previa. I've known for a while now and I know it's really manageable with constant ultrasound and a C-section, which are all set. The only way it'd be tragic would be if we didn't know about it and I tried to push her out. I do feel scared though. I feel like these last few weeks are so touchy, and I'm tired of the constant monitoring and the "we should wait x weeks longer, unless we see y at the next ultrasound..." I just want her OUT and healthy. But I also don't want her to have preemie developmental issues her whole life. I'm almost 34 weeks though, so that's less and less an issue. I'm starting to worry that something bad will happen in a split second and she'll just be gone. Maybe that's just normal? Maybe every mom feels that way even with a textbook pregnancy? Nervous, nervous.
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Nelle...I think it's totally normal to be nervous! You're so close though- you've pretty much made it!

I dunno about those shrinx things- what if they set your hips back wonky or something? I'm always suspicious of those types of gimmicky things- I'm in the school of thought that either they don't really work, or they only work very minimally or they could cause something to go weird. I'll leave messing with my bones to mother nature...or a chiropractor if need be.

Mmmm Tim Hortons... I'll always love their coffee more than any other in the WHOLE world. I dunno what it is about that stuff.
I haven't been craving anything...seems I can take or leave food lately- I'm just like "MEH". I get like that in hot weather. Icy drinks are nice though and we have been making our fair share around here. I do know that as soon as baby is out I'm going to eat a gigantic party platter of sushi. DH asked me not to eat it in the first tri, then after that I was so used to not eating it I just decided to wait. There is a sushi place like 15 mins away from our hospital, so as soon as they move me out of the birth centre and into a room, I'm sending DH out to get $150 worth of raw fish. I'm sure there is something else I've been missing, but I can't think of it now.

This damn phlebitis is really painful and awful and it just hit me today now that DH is at work that I'm totally hobbled and can't get anything done. I hate feeling like that...I get really restless and bitchy.
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What am I NOT stressing about?! I spent yesterday cleaning out our room and the guest room. I feel much better now - they were both a little out of control. I should have some decor-related stuff for our room showing up tomorrow, and am ordering some more stuff for the guest room.

I'm back to work tomorrow after a week off, and have an unreal amount to do. Trying not to think about it, because it will be what it will be.

DH & I have been snippy with each other for weeks and I don't know why. He gets defensive at almost everything I say, and I'm not sure if I'm somehow being critical or demanding without realizing it, or if he's being over-sensitive. Probably both.

Need to get the co-sleeper back, and our newborn clothes are out on loan. I figure, if we get them back by mid-June, we're good.

Energy started going down...tried mowing the lawn earlier this week, and it really wiped me out. Zzzzzz.
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Expat...I am similar. I find I am starving at breakfast and the rest of the day is just small snacks. By dinner time I have no intrest in food.
Nelle, your nervousness is normal...if you were having a normal birth it would be equally bad so don't add any guilt to your nervouness, it perfectly normal to be nervous of the unknown...kwim? I am 7wks away and haven't started to freak out but I know at this point I did with my first! I know my freaking out nervousness will start once dh drops dd and I off in the states and leaves! Then I will spend the whole time telling the baby to stay in until daddy comes!!
I tend to put my freakingout/stress into things I can actually do...so I shop and prepare, and do all sorts of things to distract myself and get things all figured out until the thing I am freaking out about happens! lol.
We have the nursery all set up as far as furniture goes, the crib, change table and rocking chair. There is no decorations or bedding in there and I leave on thrusday. I found a women on etsy who makes lovely baby bedding so I think I am going to order it made from her...
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expat, I will be doing the same thing with the sushi. Two sushi restaurants within a half-mile of the hospital, and a Whole Foods with sushi bar right across the street.

We're hitting the absurd point--I was able to wear my husband's boxers to bed last night. (Normally I'm too uncomfortable to sleep in anything but the buff, but when my stepdaughter's around, I feel I have to cover up at least a little.) This wouldn't be absurd except pre-pregnancy, I weighed 100 pounds less than he does (and I'm a full foot shorter).
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Nelle......the nervousness is totally normal. I'm definitely right there with you, I tend to be a bit of a worrier. Sounds like you have everything all prepped and ready to go.....good job!

Chattyprincess......mmmmmm, Timmy's ice caps! I already went through my ice cap phase at the beginning of this pregnancy, I was obsessed. Good luck getting packed and ready for your trip down to the US.

I have been craving so much junk lately......dh went out and got me ice cream last night (Ben and Jerry's Half Baked) and for days I've wanted a Coke slurpee (slushy). We move in 5 days so I'm getting a little stressed about that. Dh and I have a list of stuff to get done over the next few days to get ready. Our new place was supposed to be ready June 11th and now won't be done until June 28th and that is bugging me big time. Luckily work will pay to store our stuff and then they'll move it into the new place but we'll be staying at my dad's for a month. I have no reason to expect an early baby but I'm just hoping this baby stays in until due date (July 25th). I'm stressing about taking the stuff I need for him/her with us to my dad's or just letting the movers pack it up and then doing my hospital bag once we unpack the new house. I'll probably err on the side of caution and bring it just in case.

On the plus side, I just got a brand new Beco carrier on sale for $99
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sooo, here's my question ladies: are any of you doing BOTH the belly bandit (or something similar) AND the shrinx hips???

i have the belly bandit and was going to buy the shrinx hips too....after all, they are different body parts.

just wasn't sure if you could wear them at the same time or not.....or if that is crazy wanting to do both. i am just SO ready for my normal, fun clothes!! nevermind i will be in a bathing suit at christmas....
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Finally got back home from Brazil yesterday afternoon. I can't imagine doing another trip like that 7 months pregnant (won't agree to that again!), I realized that I spent at least 36 hours last week on planes (9 flights), not to mention the time waiting in airports and sitting in cars. My back and ribcage were killing me on the flights, the only thing that kept me going during the 10-hour flight was getting up all the time and trying to stand in different positions.

It is so nice to be home. Still exhausted and uncomfortable but it's much better here. Right before I left I had gotten a wedge pillow for the car seat and an exercise ball to sit on at home, now I am so glad I did, they are really helping.

We are having a party next weekend, that will probably be a bit stressful as people are staying over, but my DH is doing the lion's share of the work for it. I feel like after that is done I can really start getting ready, buying the stuff that we still need, washing the baby clothes and diapers, getting a hospital bag together, etc.
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Originally Posted by evjolin View Post
sooo, here's my question ladies: are any of you doing BOTH the belly bandit (or something similar) AND the shrinx hips???

i have the belly bandit and was going to buy the shrinx hips too....after all, they are different body parts.

just wasn't sure if you could wear them at the same time or not.....or if that is crazy wanting to do both. i am just SO ready for my normal, fun clothes!! nevermind i will be in a bathing suit at christmas....
Oh, I'm 100% set on doing both at the same time!!! No doubt about it. I'm with you - sooo ready to be in normal clothes again.
I ordered the Shrinkx Hips and the bamboo Belly Bandit, and they're going right into the hospital bag. Project Squeeze will begin as soon as possible after she's here! (Along with continued nutritional prudence, bf, and exercise, I know...)
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I've totally been craving coke or any kind of soda most of my pregnancy. I would maybe have 1 soda a week b4 becoming pg. I cannot seem to get it out of my mind. The coke slushees mentioned sound AMAZING. I hate that I am consuming all that hfcs. If I do have a soda, it's only once a day, and I still drink TONs of water.

I just finished my second bowl of ice cream today

I just had my first noticeable leakage from my breasts

I got my tomatoes planted today!! But still have so much more I want to get done, however, it just takes so much out of me being in the heat and all that digging and bending. So glad I joined a CSA this year!
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I'm going to go get the rest of the ice cream after I'm finished posting.

I don't have frappicinos very often, but the other day I went to "town" (I live an hour away in a village) and had a large frap for half price! At starbucks they call it 'happy hour'.. lol. unfortunately I don't think they're doing the sale anymore It was soooo good though. I drank it way too fast.

I'm feeling pretty tired and just want to sleep these days. I am still hoping for a Leo baby, :P but wonder if it'll be better if he/she comes a little earlier.

k, the ice cream beckons!
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I am in heaven. I was in toys rus yesterday and stumbled across freezie pops (you know...in the plastic tube and you freeze them) in root beer, dr pepper and grape crush flavor. I am in heaven.
Redhead...I am having soda cravings as well. Which is odd considering the last time I had one was over like a year since I got preggers!!!
I too am having some leaks at random times. I woke up like 3 weeks ago damp in front.
3.5 more days and I am on the road to travel! I am trying to get stuff packed and having problems figuring out WHAT to pack now. I bought a baby tub and a breastfriend pillow yesterday...
I just know that I am going to forget stuff and it annoys the heck outta me!
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Well, my MIL isn't talking to me and my partner because I told her NO to taking on a bunch of responsibility concerning the care of her mother. I'm just that she knows everything that is going on with us (in addition to having a baby) and even has the gall to be mad that I assertively (not b*tchy) turned down her attempts to shoulder these responsibilities off on me . . . it really has made me lose a lot of respect and friendliness toward her. How can someone claim to be soooo excited and happy that we're having her grandkid and then when I say, hey stress is making my uterus clamp down; I'm going to pass on this one, get mad at me?!?! So that sucks, but at least we're getting a reprieve from her 3-4x DAILY phone calls plus emails. Yeah.

I have a job interview tomorrow. I kinda want to cry about it. I really hope I get the job--as a breastfeeding peer counselor--because I feel like in a way it's a paid activist position, I can work mostly from home and bring the infant once it arrives, but the timing! This is in addition to my regular job which is starting up again in two weeks: I distinctly remember having a convo w/ my boss saying, I HAVE NO AVAILABILITY IN JULY (several times) and saying feel free to schedule me May/June. Well, I had to find out from the website that the class I teach is scheduled up to July 26 (my edd is July 27th!). wtf?! Luckily my old mentor has said he will cover the last three sessions if need be.

So . . . still house hunting. Still paying more $rent$ than our house payment will be . . .

Oral surgery still scheduled for next week . . .

Yeah, I'm overwhelmed! This is not how I expected things to go when we found out I was pg. I had visions of fertile bliss and soothing months of SAHM-ing. But life has thrown us a LOT of curve balls for these 40 weeks!

Physically, I'm doing okay. Still gaining weight and eating healthy. Lots of digestive problems probably due to the stress. Waking up at 4am coz of heartburn. Baby's kicking all the time and I think growing a lot and getting stronger.

I think I might go crawl back into bed now . . .
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Holy moly, just got back from a 4 day trip and have lots of reading to catch up on...


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Craft Media Hero - I am also aghast at your MIL's reaction. Honestly, I think people really forget what it's like to have a baby, and all the responsibility it involves. Especially in our society where we are in our little silos, and are often around our own age grouping, not the whole range of ages all the time. I always say that around Births, Deaths and Weddings people start acting weird and emotional and irrational. You have to expect that somebody somewhere is going to have unrealistic expectations and hurt feelings. Doesn't make it easy to deal with though, but certainly NOT a reflection on you personally. It's wise of you to Protect Your Space, yourself and your family by NOT taking on what would be too much responsibility. That's your responsibility, to draw the boundaries for yourself and family, so good on ya! If you calmly stick to your guns like a broken record, she may come to grudgingly accept and respect it.

I totally hope you get the Peer Breastfeeding Counsellor position!!! Keep us posted and let us know. That would be such a great job, and the fact that you could bring your baby along is fantastic. Can't believe it about your regular job though... WTH with your boss' expectations? Glad someone can cover for you though in those final weeks as needed.

Chattyprincess - just thinking of you and your big trip pending. How are things going?

Red Headed Mama do you know what kind of shade/lighting tomatoes need? We have a VERY sunny sundeck and I'm afraid they'd be burnt to a crisp if I put them out there 'cuz there's little shade.

Can anybody recommend hearty vegetables and plants that can withstand a lot of sun with little shade?

How are everyone's gardens coming along? We had a huge thread awhile back about it...

Ice-cream lovers and Timmy's Ice Cappucino Lovers -- I join your ranks! I gained 5 LBS. IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS! from enjoying these treats too much. Time to put away the neopolitan ice cream and ice cream cones. Glad the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake I got for dd's bday is all done (guess who ate most of it? :1whistle). Gotta get back on track esp. since I find I can do much less physically now due to fatigue.

I just started Floravit last week, liquid form. It still makes me nauseous and dry heave noisily. Then dh and the dd's imitate me (to tease me) and laugh. Yeah, really funny guys. Apparently my iron is low (so says pdoc) which would explain why I have been so tired lately. Occassionally I still have a Super Woman day, but those are less common now.

I saw my midwives yesterday and met the student who will be attending my birth. She's really nice and I enjoyed meeting her. Especially when she was palpating my belly, she started to giggle because she felt a little hand near ds's head (he's head down). I was happy to hear her say that, because I swear, I have been feeling him shuffle cards, play cat's cradle and conduct music in there with his hands, really low down on my pubic bone area, off to the side! It was nice to have it confirmed for me, that yes, I'm not imagining things, his hands are really there! Kinda makes me wonder if I will birth him with his hand on his head (in which case = OUCH!).

I am seriously considering having our kids at the birth. Dd1 is really curious and loved going to the MW appt with me a couple of weeks ago. She likes to palpate my belly and talk to her little brother. Dh and my mom are not totally comfortable with the idea though... nor am I 100% but I like the idea of them seeing baby crowning and being born. It would be powerful and positive for my daughters to see a good, normal, healthy birth.

Has anyone had their kids at a birth or are they considering it?
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