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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
I was totally resisting "tummy time" with my baby even though many people said I "Had" to do it! then today I got together w- someother babies and they all did well on their bellies and so I am finally gonna do that with my baby! Little bit at a time. He is also strarting to roll a bit
DD hated tummy time so I seriously never did it. DS loves it so we do it all the time, but DD still rolled well earlier!

We're driving 5 hours with the kids this weekend and I"m dreading it. DS still hates the car so much. DD and I used to take road trips all the time (sometimes with DH but often by ourselves) and now I'm feeling kind of tied down, but we have to travel a lot this month for a visit to the in-laws and a wedding and then a retirement party. I hope he makes peace with the car.
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I tried to nurse Ben's feet last night. He had wiggled himself out of his bed and into mine and ended up upside-down. I was mostly asleep and very confused. "Why won't you latch on? And why do you keep holding your arms straight up like that? And where's your head?"

We're heading out for another weekend in Atlanta tomorrow. We do that a lot, and the baby usually does well, but lately he's been crying the second I put him in the car seat. So I'm hoping the same as HappiLeigh, that things will go well.

When we come back I'm leaving my older son with my mom, and she's taking him to her house for a week. Then I'm going to head down there with the baby, and THEN we're all going to Texas for a wedding, and staying down there for the rest of the month! Wish me luck - I like traveling and I like my family, but too much of both may drive me crazy.
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Nadia had her 4month appt. She's 25 inches long, 15lbs 12oz....and a rolly polly ball of chub

She's also a mightly cute thumbsucker...
and she's loving rice cereal (trying to keep her from spitting up so much at night)
and she loves her floor gym
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Aww what a chunk! She weighs about half a pound more than Caleb did, but he's at least an inch taller, LOL.
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I finally saw the movie "Babies" last night- very cute!
It made me wonder about he hitting hting- how in the movie they show some of the babies hitting eachother and working it out while the San Fran baby only had her mom to hit who said no hitting.

Just made me realize the importance of the LO's interacting with their peers-
I mean. obviously.
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Making us a new, June chat thread....
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