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Hi, my name is Limor and I feel really weird about posting. I just found out that I'm pregnant, due 2/11, and planning on a homebirth. I'm 33, been married for almost 6 years, and have a 4 year old daughter. I had a m/c at the end of Jan. (11 wks) and two previous m/c (prior to DD). I'm hoping this one sticks.
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Hi! I am 30 years old and my EDD according to FF is February 4th. My birthday is 2/10 and I could not ask for a better gift DW and I have been together for almost 6 years and were married this past November. I am lucky that this was only our 2nd month of trying and am grateful that we were able to conceive at home with a known donor.

So very happy to be here!!

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Hola all! My name is Sarah and I just turned 31. I live near Phoenix, AZ and I have a little boy who will be 3 in July and Dh and I have been together for 10 years in November (though only married for 4 in October.) I have now had 5 BFP's in a row, though the first was so faint that I think only I would've seen the line. I haven't even missed my period until Thursday on a 28 day cycle, so I almost feel like I'm jinxing it by posting this early. But here's hoping that this one's sticky! I've never miscarried, but I've been hanging around the TTC forums long enough to know that it happens.

My due date is 2/10/2011. I've been trying for a year with Shettles to get a little girl (here's hoping we both see pink, Nia28!) and this was the first promising cycle since weaning my son. I'm so excited! It's funny, I was so specific about wanting an Aquarius baby a year ago (though I've since said I'd love a healthy baby born under any sign) and I ended up with that due date anyway. Hopefully my request for a daughter will be honored too!

I picked out my midwife and changed our insurance to something she'd accept (albeit out-of-network) a year ago. She's opening the only freestanding birth center in Phoenix soon, and that's where I want to have my little one. It's called Babymoon Inn, and I want to have a waterbirth there.

I'm an active mama who does Crossfit. It's a fast-paced, intense exercise program that does anaerobic exercises at an aerobic pace. So now I have to look into modifying my workout, but I've heard of a lot of other women who've done it, and I'm game. I only gained 27 lbs with my son, but I started at 40 lbs overweight. Now I'm about 16 lbs overweight and hoping to keep this one to 20 lbs of baby weight.

I'm Wiccan, super crunchy, and got my BFA in Art from Arizona State in 2006. I love yoga, hiking, reading, writing, sculpture, and drawing. I can't wait to get to know all you ladies better over the next 9 months. Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy for everyone!
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Hi, I'm Alissa. My due date is January 28, but I think I'll be in this group because I am pretty sure I O'ed later in my cycle. I have a 16 month old little boy, Sam. This is my second pregnancy. I have been married for 5 years to a really great guy. We're both really excited, and a little terrified as our kids will be almost exactly 2 years apart. It's funny how different this pregnancy is...the first time around I was so excited and thought about being pregnant constantly. This time around I feel like I can go days without even thinking about it. I'm just busier and don't have as much mental energy to devote to thinking about it all the time. I am excited, this baby was very much wanted, but I am just less enamored with being pregnant this time around.

I'm also a WIC peer breastfeeding counselor part-time. I love it.

Anyway, I am happy to be here and excited to get to know all of you as we go through our pregnancies together.
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Congratulations, everyone!
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Add me to the Club!! My EDD is Feb 3rd, 2011
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Hi, I'm Maura 28 yrs old, just got my bfp for #3 due date is 2/4/2011 but so far i have gone early so maybe this one will come in January. My husband and I have an almost 3 yr old and an almost 5 month old both girls. Just took the test this morning and told husband, the poor thing is already all stressed out about the labor, he seems to have a really hard time seeing me like that. I would really like to have a homebirth this time but don't think that it will happen, our insurance doesn't cover it, so would be a pretty big expense, so maybe I will just try to stay at home for as long as I can and then go in. I have a great midwife so I know she will make it as close as possible to a homebirth for me even tho will probably be in a hospital.
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We are due Feb 5th with our 4th child. It's my husband's birthday!

This one was very unplanned, so we are still adjusting to the news.

I had a homebirth with my last, but our house is on the market right now and money is tighter, so we are doing a "wait and see" if we will be having another home or hospital delivery.
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Hi everyone, it is GREAT to be here!

My name is Amanda, I'm expecting our 4th child. Sounds so crazy to say that--FOUR kids! We have a 7 year old boy, an almost 5 year old girl, and a 17.5 month old boy. I just found out today, so I am still adjusting, but very very happy. I get to have a BABY!! EEEEK and WOOOO HOOOO!

I'm planning my third UP/UC. I'll be 40 weeks on 2/12/11.
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I'm Kelley, due with #2 on 11 February 2011!

This baby is a surprise, unlike our first, and while s/he's very welcome, it's a little scary! With my first pregnancy, I developed very severe preeclampsia in the 27th week, and my son was born on the first day of the 28th. The chances of pre-e happening again are below 25%, though, so we're very optimistic! The spacing is much closer than we'd intended - we were going to wait at least another year - but sometimes life doesn't wait, I guess!

Since he was so early, I had a c-section, so this time we're going for the VBAC. I'm excited, nervous, in awe - all those wonderful things that come along with a new baby! Mostly I'm just in disbelief, though .

Wishing all of us happy, healthy babes!

ETA: My first son is a wonderful, healthy toddler now, just in case anyone was wondering. He'll be two in September, and, yes, he's still nursing!
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I'm 23 and kinda nervous about this pregnancy. This is my third but I have no children. I'm due Feb. 3rd. This pregnancy has been really different so I hope it's a good sign that I have a sticky one in there.
I'm really hoping for a homebirth. I'm super uncomfortable in hospitals so I just know it will be traumatic to have my baby there. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and this time next year I'll be cuddling my baby
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I'm Jaimee, and i'm married to a wonderful man. I have three older children. They are all VERY close in age, but i'm glad that it worked out that way, and it seems that this little one will also be close in age. This was an unexpected pregnancy, but I am still super happy. I live in Charlotte, NC, and I look forward to getting to know each of you!
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My name is Laura, I am 32, first baby, and my due date is February 1!

I live in Iowa City with DH.

We had tried for 9 months or so to get pregnant. In fact, I just has a Dr visit a few weeks ago to get help on conceiving!

I feel really clueless about this whole process honestly, but, I really like my gyno who is also an OB so I am sticking with her. I have my first appointment July 2.
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Hi everyone! : )

I am finally pregnant, this is really happening! Though I have been looking forward to starting a family for a few years, it's finally now a good time in terms of graduate school, finances, and having some time! It was our second month trying after using FAM for over a year. I hope all goes well for me and for all of you.

My due date is Feb 1st, this is my first pregnancy, I am 30, married for 3.5 years, and have a great dog, shephard-greyhound mix. We found a great midwife (recommended by a friend) and I think we will deliver in the community hospital where she works.

I am looking forward to being part of this community with you all!
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My name is Emy and I'm 25. I just got a very unexpected and unplanned BFP earlier today (well...yesterday technically since it's after midnight). My EDD is 9th February 2011 (based on LMP) but I'm guessing more around the 16th-23rd or so. I have a son who is 4 1/2. I lost DS2 (yes, I swear he was a boy!) at 6.5 weeks post conception in April 2008, so this is my first pregnancy since then. I haven't told this baby's father yet (giving it some time to kick in for me first)...we've only been seeing each other for a few weeks. DS's father isn't involved so I can make it as a single mom again, but here's to hoping I won't have to! I'm trying to think positive about this (DS2 was such a shocker and I was in such denial that I didn't connect with him like I should have while I had the time). DS was born in a freestanding birth center. I will be using the same midwife but, depending on my living situation, hope for a homebirth this time around. I have three other babies - my cats, Rez and Carrot, and my dog, Doodlebug. Looking forward to enjoying this pregnancy and jump past the hurdles with hopefully little effort!
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Hi everyone! My name is Erica and I'm 34 years old. My EDD is February 5, 2011. I am currently mama to my DS who will be turning 1 in just a few days. This will be my 2nd baby. DH and I have been married for 3.5 years and we took two years to conceive our DS and even underwent some fertility testing and treatment. This pregnancy was a shocker because I had just gotten my period back for the first time since DS's birth on April 28th and we only made love one time during the whole month. Got pregnant right away with no fertility drugs or tests! YAY! Hoping for a homebirth this time around...just need to convince DH!

So excited to meet my new darling in February!

Congrats to you all
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Cautiously joining you ladies.
I'm Amy, 34, married to a super amazing and supportive dh. I have 5 beautiful and healthy children ranging from 19mos to 10. I have had 2 losses along the way, my last was in November. I'm thrilled to be pregnant again and also nervous. But I'm taking it one day at a time. This little bean's due date is 2/16 if he/she sticks around.
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I'm Joining!

Hi ladies! Congrats to you all!!

My name is Kendra and I am 27. Happily married for 8 years, with DH since highschool. We have been just enjoying life together and I finished veterinary school last June (2009). Since graduation, I have felt baby fever for the first time in my life and it has been driving me crazy! I finally stopped bc in February this year. I am now just 10dpo in my 4th cycle off bc, but got a positive dollar tree test and then a very positive FRER this morning!

So I am cautiously excited about this, even though I know it is very early. I am so glad to have a place to share my excitement and fears when it is too early to tell anyone other than DH. Looking forward to a H&H 9 mos for all of us!

ETA: EDD 2/16/11
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Hello! I am new to this forum. My name is Katina and I am 22. My due date according to ovulation is February 2nd! This will be our first after two losses. I feel that this one is finally going to stick though as HCG levels are up, up up! We originally started trying in February 09 so to have a due date in February is a wonderful sign to me!
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hi everyone - I'm SO excited to be here and so nervous because of a loss in January. we have two fat cats, a 22mos beautiful DS and I had a natural miscarriage at 9weeks in Jan. It was so hard but I am elated to be pregnant again. It seemed to take forever to get here again. I hope to be here with you for the long haul and I'm trying to focus my anxieties on excitement at the prospect of another wonderful life coming into the world.

We have a great midwife practice who we will go with for the birth. I had a long labor last time but all natural and I'm hoping for a shorter one this time around. But happy with anything really as long as I can get there!!

I will also be monitoring my thyroid a lot since I have hashimotos (which may or may not be related to previous miscarriage)

Congratulations to everyone!!!!
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