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Hello! I'm another Sarah! I'm due with #2 EDD of February 14. That's my (deceased) Mother's birthday, so I'm excited. I have one boy, he's 2 1/2, named Orion, and I've been married to my husband for almost 2 years.

We've been trying for about 6 months and are SO excited. We're going to be trying for a homebirth - we didn't have the money for a midwife last time, but NS gov. is now paying so .

I'm so excited - I just got my BFP this morning!
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I'm Annika, 35 this autumn. Due feb 4 but I figure it'll be more like feb 20 before I deliver. Have one kid already, 6 years old day after tomorrow. Me and the dad live apart since march, which I think was a good move on our relationship (as my being pregnant is sort of proof of )

I also have two cats and wish for a puppy.
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I am 33 and pregnant with our third child. This was very much a surprise and totally unplanned. My husband and I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, both boys. This feels really unreal to me. We were careless ONE time. I feel like a stupid teenager.

My older son has Asperger syndrome and my younger has multiple life-threatening food allergies including corn, so I have to cook everything from scratch. And my older son will be starting intensive therapy soon. Sorry for the pity party. this was just a huge shock for us. We had thought about maybe trying for a girl, but not for another year.

we'll have another homebirth, I don't deal well with hospital and obstetrical bureaucracy due date sometime around Feb 11 or so
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I'm in too!

Wow, this one was a surprise. My SO and I were not trying to make bun batter AT ALL. Between the two of us we have 3 other children at our houses: a boy aged almost 5 (mine) and 2 little girls aged three (1 each). Neither one of us feels like this is optimal time, but the batter is in the oven so here we go!

I have done both home birth and hospital birth and would prefer to home birth again, but SO and I are still negotiating how/if we should blend our family units and where we should live - so we will see. My EDD is Feb 5th.

Hoping for safe, delightful pregnancies and births for us all.
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Hi, my name is Nikki & Im 35. I have 2 teenaged girls from my first marriage & a 17 month old son with my dh. Just when I decided I was completely happy & content with our family... we got a surprise bfp!! I had ONE last internet cheapie laying around so I thought what the heck, I'll pee on it, see the one line & toss it out to be done with it... We are both still in the disbelief stage.

Going by conception date, baby's expected Feb 18. I soooo want a home waterbirth, but being diabetic, I know chances of that happening are very slim. Im not giving up hope though!
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Hi, my name is Jenn and I 36. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. I suffered a loss in April, so I am a bit worried. This pregnancy does feel different though so I thought I might as well going the other February ladies.

I am going for a natural birth this time. I had a c-section with my son so I thought that I will try something different this time!

My due date is February 15, 2011!
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Hello everyone! I guess I belong here with you all. My name is Cassy, I'm 23 years old and my hubby and I have been together for almost 3 years. We have an 18 month old DD and a 1 year old doggy and we're preggo with our second baby! Our DD was born at home and this baby will be too. Congratulations to all the other preggos and to the lurkers! I'm very excited to be involved in a due date club since I didn't really become active here at MDC until after my DD was born.

Oh...and my due date is February 17, 2011 give or take a few days but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I went into early March.
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My name is Courtney and I am 29 years old. My husband and I have been TTC for over a year now for our first child. I usually post in the infertility threads, but we just got to the point where we needed some time off.

Over the last two months we took a break from IUIs and Clomid. On Monday, I realized I was 4 days late and decided to test. It came back positive. I was shocked, we hadn't done any ovulation testing or anything. I had blood work done yesterday and I am 25 for prog. and 5287 for hcg beta. It's looking good so far. We have our first ultrasound tomorrow. Since I am still pretty high risk we are cautiously optimistic. Hopefully everything will work out.

Congrats to all the ladies here! I look forward to learning and growing with you all.
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I'm Lisa, and I am 29 years old. Expecting #3, but this is my 4th pregnancy. I have a 3.5 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. My last pregnnacy was a partial molar pregnancy which we found out about in January this year. DH and I have been married for 4.5 years. We know the possibility of another PMP, but we are both having good feelings about this one. We are hoping to have an u/s on June 17th, I will be over 6 weeks then. I hope I get to stick around this DDC this time.
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I just realized I didn't post here yet! Oops...blame the preggo brain!!

I am Holly. I am 26. I have an almost 3 year old son (this August he'll be 3). I had one loss before him at 12.5 weeks and it was heartbreaking. My son is my little superhero because at 3 months old he had to have open heart surgery to repair his heart. He was born with Tetralogy of a Fallot which is a congenital heart defect concerning four parts of his heart. He is now doing AMAZINGLY well and HEALTHY! Which i attribute to his amazing medical care at Children's Boston as well as the loving, AP family values DH and I have

We are THRILLED to be pregnant again albeit a tad worried about all the what/ifs since life seems to have thrown us a few curveballs, but we just go with them all. My Dh and i met in highschool and became highschool sweethearts We started dating at age 16, went to collage together, graduated and got married 3 months later, then got pregnant (had a loss), got pregnant again, bought a house and now here we are having another
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Wow. This is a big group. I guess I will throw my hat in the ring. I found out a couple of days ago that we were expecting...which was a big, BIG surprise. S/he is a very welcome surprise though. I am due in the beginning of the month but I expect it to be in the middle. I am the mother of an almost 4 year-old son who is going to be an amazing big brother!!! My DH and I have been together for 13 years (married for almost 6). He is the best father and husband a woman could ask for.

Due to the fact that this was a surprise, I get waves of excitement and of fear. Fear that I am getting excited too soon since I am very early in the pregnancy and fear because my body is not in the optimum condition for growing a baby. I think that in a couple of days that it will be more excitement than fear...

Congratulations to all of you. Here's hoping to stickiness all around.
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Me too!!!

Just found out that we will be expecting our third. After a loss last August of twins (at 14 weeks)-happy but feeling nervous. We just moved to the southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia.
Happy to see such a great group! Go mamas
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Hi I'm Vera, hubby and I are both 31 and this will be our third. Our DDs are 5 and 2.5. It's sooooo early I haven't told ANYONE IRL yet (just got a + today at 7dpo) not even hubby until dinner! I'll be due around Feb 22-24. Both my girls were born at home and we plan the same for this little bean. Can't wait to meet you all!
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Hi, I'm Rebecca! My dh and I have 6 children, and I am 37. I will be 38 when this baby is due. I have had two miscarriages in the past year, so I am praying that this baby sticks!

My (unofficial) due date is Feb. 13th. I don't have insurance, so I will hold off on going to the DR until I think this pg will be viable.

I am undecided at this point about using the progesterone cream this time....finances and emotional issues are weighing heavy on my mind.

I pray each of you have healthy pg's and babies!
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I'm theresa and have one two year old and am due in early feb for #2. I'm not great at posting but enjoy reading and will be checking in with you all!
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Hi! I'm Michelle. I am 32 years old. DH and I have been married almost 6 years and have a 4-year old son (born at 32 weeks) and a 19-month old daughter (full-term). We are expecting #3 somewhere around Feb. 21th (O dating) to Feb 25th (LMP dating). It'll likely be earlier than that since it will be a c-section (probably scheduled) due to my vertical incision from my son's birth.

We were "not preventing" a pregnancy and are surprised to be expecting the first month! I wonder when the shock will wear off and it will seem real.

Looking forward to getting to know you all
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Hi mamas! I've read through the intros and we sure have a great group! I look forward to getting to know all of you!

I'm Kari and I've been married 9 years, have an awesome 8 year old boy, an amazing 21 month old girl and now a sweet bean that's due around 2/21.

We live in rural north TX, homeschool and work on being self sufficient.
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Hey Mamas...I am Alicia. This is going to be my 6th kiddo...and what a shocker!!! I also have a boy that I had when I was younger who was adopted, so this is my 7th birth. I am a RN and just moved to CA...found out I was preggo the day before.

I am thinking I am due around Feb 12th (my anniversary). Most of my babies have come kinda early though so I have no real guess for a due date.

I have decided to have a homebirth!!!
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Congratulations Ladies!

This is my first post. I just found out I'm pregnant this morning. The EDD is February 17th. I'm 35 and married a little over a year. I'm so relieved to have found this forum. We had a loss in May 08, so I'm definitely scared to get excited about this one. I feel comfort in not being alone in my feelings. So, thank you for sharing. We aren't telling anyone until after our 1st US (since that is how we found out about our last loss), so I'm feeling kind of lost with not having anyone to talk to. Great to be here and best of luck to everyone!
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My name is Andi! I'm 34. This will be Baby #3, due on Valentine's Day!

We have two boys, ages 2 and 5. We were TTA so this is a surprise but a very good one. I am so excited and scared in so many ways. DS1 was a homebirth, DS2 was a missed home waterbirth due to breech C-section (long story there.) I very much want to avoid another C/S but am apprehensive due to Alaska's ban on VBACs. There is a local birth center that handled my first birth that I'm hoping will help me find some options.
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