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Baby is here!!

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And its a BOY!!!!!!

Finally came at 42 weeks exactly..2 days of labor and I got my HBAC!!!!! Would have loved to UC but needed my AMAZING midwife's expertise to move a rim of stubborn cervix over baby's head while I pushed..It was amazing!! I literally feel like I climbed Mt. Everest and now I am on top of the world!!

Our lil man was 9lb 10oz, 22in long and a 14.5 in head. He is almost 2 lbs bigger than my daughter was..

My milk came in within 24 hrs and I am resting in bed to heal my 2 tears and bruised bum and I am sooo in love!!

Pic of our nameless boy
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Wow! So many babies! CONGRATS!!!

And very happy for you about your HBAC!!!
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Awesome job Mama! 2 pounds heavier!! wow. Welcome baby boy
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Congratulations! I'm glad that you were able to get your HBAC--now enjoy your time bonding with your new son.

(I couldn't view the picture--you may need to adjust your permissions to allow non-fb "friends" to view it).
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congrats on the HBAC!!
I think your FB is set to private...I would love to see the little man.

heal up and enjoy your babymoon mama...
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Congratulations on your HBAC! Enjoy your babymoon with the new little guy!
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Oh Melissa, that's so wonderful mama, congratulations!!!!
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Congrats Melissa!
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congrats on your baby boy (can't see pics, private on fb) and on your vbac!!

(also you have me beat out for longest gestation on the board...by ONE DAY. )
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What an accomplishment!! You should be So proud!
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congrats! so very excited for you!! welcome to the world, baby boy!
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eeeee your baby is here!!!

you rock mama! enjoy your babymoon!
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Way to go Mama!!! Congrats on your HBAC!!! and a big boy as well, you totally rocked it! I bet you feel on top of the world. Rest and rejoice in your new son and your empowering birth. Happy Babymoon!
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