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My boys have arrived!

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Adam Ryan (7lb3oz) and Holden Matthew (7lb11oz) arrived on May 15th at 11:39 and 11:57 respectively at 38 weeks gestation. Kind of neat, really . . .I had done visualization pratice in hypnobirthing where I visualized them coming on that exact date both weighing over 7lbs!

With my doula, hypnobirthing instructor (a friend of mine), and my DH by my side I laboured for 6 hrs. It was intense and there certainly was pain, but it felt so much more manageable than my DS1's birth. The hospital staff was very supportive of HB and mostly left us alone. Once I was fully dilated I begun to push (rather than breathe the baby down) as that was what my body was telling me to do. I was breathing through each push and doing my very best to rest and breathe slowly in between pushes. After 2 hours we decided to try pushing while holding my breath and that helped things along a bit. Once I had been pushing for 3.5 hours we decided to try vacuum (without episiotomy). I was getting a bit worried at this point about the possibility of csection and/or needing to endure a breech extraction (baby b was still quite active, moving a ton the whole time) so I decided to get an epidural at that point. In retrospect it was an excellent decision. Adam was born shortly after we used the vacuum and Holden promptly flipped transverse (he had been vertex). The OB worked very very hard to get Holden out safely . . . poor guy was dripping sweat by the end. Even with the epidural the extraction was very painful . . .so glad I got the epi at the end. One placenta also needed to be extracted manually in a few pieces.

Adam was with me from the time he was born and, after birthing my first son under general anesth. 5 years ago, that was such an amazing experience for me. I wasn't able to hold Holden for more than a few seconds before the NICU team began working on him due to fluid aspiration in the birth canal (came out bum first, cord was compressed). He stayed in NICU for 9 hours but fortunately my DH was able to spend a good portion of that time with him.

We have been home since Monday and things are going well. My 4th degree tear has slowed me down a fair bit but the boys are both nursing like champs and I am lucky to have DH home (running the house amazingly well - better than I would do) for 4 weeks.

I am so in love with these little boys . DS1 is so cute with them. He is struggling a bit with the adjustment and I think that will get worse before it gets better. Poor little guy.

Anyway, that's our story in brief. I am so happy to have gotten my VBAC and to have spent 95% of that time unmedicated. Thank you so much for your support during my pregnancy . . .thank goodness for MDC, I have learned so much from the mamas here!
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So happy for you! Congrats!
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Crashing....to say....

WOOOHOOOO! Way to go Mama!!! I'm so happy for you

I've been lurking and hoping that you could get the birth you wanted and I'm so thrilled that you got your VBAC! Congrats and Happy Babymooning!

Lots of healing vibes coming your way!!

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Congratulations! You've been on my mind in the past few weeks. Glad to hear everything went so well.
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Hoory for you!!! Congratulations on the birth of your TWIN sons!
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Congratulations, mama! The birth sounds like just what you had hoped for! Enjoy your two new little ones.
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How wonderful! Congratulations on your double blessings!!!
You have so much to be proud of.
Thanks for the update and props to you and super Dad!!!!
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Congratulations and welcome little ones!
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Great job, mama!!!! Woo-hoooooooo!
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Fantastic news! Hope the healing is quick and that the boys give you some time to rest!

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Congrats! Happy babies moon!
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YAY!!! What a wonderful gift! You sound pleased as punch! enjoy those little guys!
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Congrats!!!! Thank you for sharing Enjoy your beautiful babies
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Hi Amy,

Tried to PM you but your inbox is full

Talk to you soon
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So wonderful to hear! I'm so happy for you and a big, huge Congratulations!! Yay!!
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I'm so happy for you! Since we are so close in due dates I have realllly been wondering what is happening! Congratulations. It sounds like everything really went well, all things considered, and I'm so glad you are all home together.
And it seems like you made the decision to get the epidural at the perfect time.

I am still full of babies, over 39 weeks now, and I am really looking forward to having a story to share soon.
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