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Therapist in MPLS

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I think my child may have a personality disorder. Can anyone recommend a really good therapist in MPLS? I'm looking specifically with someone who can diagnose and treat him (or us) if necessary. Thanks
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How old is your child? Personality disorders cannot, should never be given before late teens, early adulthood because personality isn't fully formed until then. And personality disorders are not very treatable. I am a psychologist in Burnsville, not seeing many kids anymore, mostly marriage work but I would check with Washburn Child Guidance or Fraiser or Family and Childrens in Minneapolis. Good luck.
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Thanks for the info. I may be classifying my hypothesis the wrong way. We are having lots of issues w/my son--much has been suggested from peds, chiros, friends and family--he's gifted, he's on the spectrum, he has sensory issues, this is normal 4 year old behavior, he has an auto-immune problem, and the latest that he has ODD (Oppositional Defiance syndrome). I've posted about this in the childhood section and gotten great support.

But, I do not know what to do. I feel in my heart there is something wrong and my dh and I want to have him evaluated. By whom? Where do I go first?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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Ok- ODD is not a particularly useful diagnosis, it is just a style of reaction that can make parenting difficult. You should start with a full assessment at someplace like Fraiser. Has he been assessed by the school system yet? There are two paths ahead of you- use the school system, have him assessed and begin with early childhood education services or use your insurance and go through the mental health services. Whichever one you pick, the other is available later once the diagnosis is clear so I suggest startng with a mental health diagnosis and then getting that information to the school so that they can begin working on the services that they can provide.

The best places for autism spectrum type assessments are Fraiser and Alexander Center.

Good luck.
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