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Safe ways to de-stress during pregnancy?

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I could really use some ideas to safely deal with high amounts of stress, its affecting my ability to eat and sleep1

thanks all!
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Acupuncture has really helped me through this pregnancy, both for stress and any physical things that have come up. I always feel calmer and better grounded afterwards and it's helped with allergies and I other things I don't want to take meds for. My city has several excellent community acupuncture clinics, so it's affordable for me (starting at $15). Massage is great, too (I'm a massage therapist so I might be biased). Weekly pre-natal yoga classes help get me out of my head.

A few herbal books mention motherwort tincture as safe for later pregnancy for stress (Susan Weed says 5 drops, another book up to 20 drops 3x/ day).
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I go for a long walk by the water to ease stress. Not high tech, and a bit time-consuming, but at least it's healthy!

If you don't have a nice place to walk, there's always yoga etc. I think exercise, sleep, and drinking lots of water/fluid is the place to start, then if you're still stressed try accupuncture, herbs, talk therapy, etc.
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I highly recommend Hypnobabies even if you aren't using it for childbirth. They offer a free MP3 download called "Relax Me" at http://www.hypnobabies.com/mylink.ph...58#relaxmehypo I find listening to a disc to be very relaxing and stress-removing.

I also like Rescue Remedy.

Bubble baths are my go-to for everything that ails me.

Good luck, hon!
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I was going to say this same - Hypnobabies. I found it a bit cheesy at first, but if you just go with it, it's really relaxing - after a session, I felt quite mellow - almost as mellow as the effects of some maybe-not-safe-for-pregnancy relaxants!
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Walks, hot showers, massage, and herbal tea all help me. Hope you can find some relaxation soon.
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A warm bath (particularly with something nicely scented in it), a massage, nap, gentle swim... Those all sound lovely to me!
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Use a vaporizer to partake of some locally grown, organic cannabis. Stress can be harmful, and there is no harm if you use a vaporizer instead of smoking it. Or make cannabis butter and bake with it. Nature's destress gift...
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music, esspecially from the baroque for me. Also taking a shower, meditating and just been alone.
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I wanted to add myself to this thread too. I was on anxiety medications until I weaned off in October, I was doing well until I got pregnant... all the worries and such just make it so hard!
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My doctors #1 recommendation - a warm bath with calgon lavender and vanilla in it...

it works too lol... though last night it was a cool bath with the calgon, its soooo hot out I needed to cool off lol
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there is a lavender and vanilla calgon?? *going to the store* Can you get it anywhere??
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StarMama, I have never been on rx anxiety meds, but have battled varying levels of anxiety for a while. I found a supplement combo that has REALLY helped when I've needed it (and I don't need it all the time, thankfully). My MW has said that it's all quite safe - it's mostly homeopathics with some herbals, too. It's by NaturalCare and is called MoodFix. Might be worth a try for those with anxiety and other mood needs!
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Try mindfulness meditation as developed by John Kabat-Zinn. You can find plenty of videos on youtube.

And, of course, don't forget to breathe!
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Originally Posted by StarMama View Post
there is a lavender and vanilla calgon?? *going to the store* Can you get it anywhere??
I get mine at walmart
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EFT (emotional freedom technique) and yes, hypnobabies is awesooooooooome!! I slept better this pregnancy than I do when not pregnant.
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I'm going for my first EFT appointment on Thursday. I can't wait to delve into energy psychology. Even with a combination of techniques, I still have a temper problem at times and am prone to anxiety for no apparent reason. I hope the EFT helps! Also, I work in a sometimes high-stress environment, and have a, at times, challenging DH...so any combination of stress relief works...as long as it's a combination, done so every day, several times a day. Not to be redundant with what others have included, this is what I utilize:


*nature walks

*herbal tea, preferably mint and honey

*drinking lots of water

*going to sleep at around the same time every night

*swimming for exercise and joy

*Meditation with Scripture, Praying, etc. (insert chosen spiritual or non-spiritual technique)

*Yoga-start up again tonight!

*watching hilarious youtube videos of kittens and puppies or visiting www.cuteoverload.com

*hot baths or just long showers


A friend recommended hypnobabies..sounds great!

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I guess I should have said *bump* on this older thread. clap.gif

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