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I see and/or that word and think of....

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***charmarty peeks around the door***

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Didn't even click the link, just wanted to be in the thread for oldtime(r)'s sake
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char, simonee, and ard.....

Crud, are we old?

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LOL you guys came out of the wordwork.
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Old???? Its all how you look at it! I do not have grey hair.. they are strands of wisdom My breasts are still a "D" but instead of the "D" standing for DANG its now for "Danglers".

Goodness ladies its GOOD to see you again!

And in relation to this thread, I enjoy never minding.

What are the ages of your children now?

Mine are 9. Still can't get over that! I remember the very first time I came here, and why.. feeling so overwhelmed at being a new mama to twins lol felt like I got knocked on my tookus lol Now I wish I could have some of that time back it went far too fast! How are your babies?
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Char, the twins are 9? wow.

My daughter is 20
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How have you been Ard? Been a long long time!

to all my oldie peeps! xxoo
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7, 8 & 11.

I love it when you show up Char! I remember so many fun late nights with your wonderful humour and you.

Ard and Simone have such great wisdom!!!!

I do miss the ol' days at times. The new MDC is hard for me. I know I cannot go into detail per the UA but heck, I have fond memories of this place. And I do not really consider myself an ol' timer.

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You ladies need some young, male blood in this thread so...

*pricks his finger and drips some blood on the thread*

There ya go!
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Popping in to say HI!


My guys are going to be 22 and 16 this summer! Soon! The time passed so quickly!
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Ewwww, I'm breaking out the hydrogen peroxide!
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Originally Posted by charmarty View Post
***charmarty peeks around the door***

Hey there!!

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I'm just busy, packing, packing packing. We have movers coming next week to pick up our stuff and I have tons left to do.
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Wow! Names I haven't seen for a while!

Oldest is 19. The other two are going to be 13 and 5 this summer.
Time goes fast!
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ok I'm going to use this for my 30k thread
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Wow, Ard, she's 20?!?!? Gracious, time flies.
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