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Huntsville, Alabama

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We are looking into moving from Charlotte, NC to Huntsville, Alabama. My daughter has been a Montessori student since kindergarten and I want to be able to find a good school for her to go to in Huntsville. The only montessori that I've found is about $8000 a year. Right now my daughter goes to a public montessori which is free (thank goodness). Does anyone know of a school that might suit her needs and our lifestyle? Are there any hippies living in the area? I'm scared to move!
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Hey there!

Have you made your move yet? My name is Kym, I live in Russellville, AL but I am originally from Massachusetts. Russellville is about 45 minutes out of Huntsville. I don't know of any Montessori schools, my son is only 2 but I wanted to introduce myself and say hello since it can be hard to find other hippie mamas in the area. You'll probably fare better in that department in Huntsville than I do out here though. What do you think of Alabama so far?

~ Kym
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I found it easy to find crunchy folks once I knew where to look. I don't know about Montessori, but i do know there are natural minded mom meetups in the libraries there in HSV and in the bookstores. And with the internet surely you could find some friends with similar interests.

An amazing store called Pearly Gates just off Bob White parkway(I think) is full of everythiing you'd need for herbal care and natural foods.
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Oh and just next door to Pearly Gates was a store called Huffmans? Babies to Teens. Walk in and be wowed. Full of cloth diapers, nursing supplies, great furniture and carseats.
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Go to A nurturing moment and there is also a forum for http://www.northalmoms.com/smf/index.php north al moms There are baby wearing groups and birth stories.. and there is a thread going on about montessori schools right now
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Thank goodness you all posted replies. I was getting scared that I was going to be the lone hippie mama in Huntsville! LOL We haven't moved yet...probably in about 2-3 weeks we'll be there. We've been getting the house ready, etc. I did find a private school where I can trade my skills as a teacher's aid for my daughter's tuition. It's a pretty small school and my hours mirror hers. That way I can be home with her.
I'm definitely going to hunt down all hippie haunts...herbal stores, etc. I did walk around EarthFare the other day when I was in town....sigh...I love EarthFare...just wish it wasn't so darn expensive to be a hippie! LOL
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Thank you Huntsville mamas! I am dropping my son off at Space Camp on Sunday. My other travel companion is my food allergic DD. I was worried about places to buy food for her, until I read that there is an Earth Fare (which is near our hotel).
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where are you hippie mommas and papas? i see some of you at EarthFare but where else do you go? I would love to meet up for play dates evenings and/or weekends in Huntsville/Madison. I have a 2yr DS and 4yr DD. Oh, please! We live near Dublin Park!
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I'm in Huntsville. And my son goes to the Montessori School of Huntsville. Though, he's in preprimary. (3-6, they call it "preprimary" at his school)

Definitely check out A Nurturing Moment! And pick up a copy of Valley Babies, even if you don't have a baby, there is a handy resource guide in there.

I co-lead our local Attachment Parenting International group. We have lots of events this month, pm me if your interested and/or look for our group on facebook and/or meetup.
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bumping this up for other hsv mamas.

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I would love to make friends with some other earth mamas in the HSV area! My husband is a fireman so I am stuck with a very high needs baby for long stretches and most of my girlfriends do not have babies (and don't want them!) so I could seriously use some mamas! I am a native Huntsvillian and know all the great spots for those of us that live a more natural lifestyle and like to support local folks. And if anyone knows of some groups, I would love to be informed!

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