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Originally Posted by kallyn View Post
Your DS sounds just like me! My mom was pregnant with my little sister when I was 3.5 and I also *knew* she was a girl. Everyone kept telling me that she could be a boy, but I knew that they were wrong. I remember the absolute certainty that I had, never a single doubt in my mind, and how silly I thought everyone was for telling me that she could be a boy.
Awesome! I secretly hope he is right

Originally Posted by CherryBomb View Post
I'm 20 weeks today, too Dd3 is all about the baby, she keeps peering at my belly button trying to see him

Good luck at the u/s tomorrow mistymama!
Originally Posted by Melly24 View Post
Kids can be sooo cute! DD tells me that she has a baby stuck in her belly, and she tries to puuuuusssssh it out. We've been watching birth vids in preparation. The other day I asked how the baby was going to come out and she said "better call Fireman Sam!" (it's a cartoon here)
I know that some kids have a hard time when the new baby actually gets here.....I am hoping this positivity helps him out when it gets difficult
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Originally Posted by Ashley_R View Post

We've had unseasonable HOT weather recently, I DO NOT do well in the heat, let alone pregnant in the heat. How is everyone else doing as things start to heat up outside?
Uggh, here, too! It's not so bad today but a few days ago it was horrible. 95 degrees and the humidity was suffocating. Thankfully we have a/c.
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Hi everyone!! I'm back from our u/s and .....

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was totally wrong, I really thought this was a little girl. But there is no mistaking it, we've got a great shot of his crotch .. he's all boy.

The u/s was just amazing .. we had a wonderful tech who took her time and showed us so much. Then at the very end she switched it to 4d and we have the sweetest video of him rubbing his eyes!! I started crying on the table and they had to get me tissues. Ds is of course thrilled as he was really wanting a little brother.

Time to start shopping for boyish cloth diapers!!!!
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Brothers!!! Awesome
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I am doing pretty well-- 18.5 weeks and I saw the midwife again today. Heartbeat sounded good and we had a nice visit. I am really feeling good about my choice of providers, I love seeing the same midwife for every visit and I love Deb's style-- she is warm without being really touchy-feely, which I like. We have the sonogram next week but won't be finding out gender.
Babe is kicking harder and that is so much fun. I bet that soon my big kids will be able to feel him/her.
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Congratulations mistymama! Didn't chely have a u/s scheduled for today, too?
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I'm a bit late and haven't read the whole thread, but jumping in anyway.

Originally Posted by BaMo View Post
Hey all! I'm 18w1d. Feeling pumpkin move a bit more, but nothing steady.

I'm starting to feel anxious/nervous/worried that I haven't had a mw appointment since week 13. I currently visiting family since DH is deployed and won't be back to our home until I'm week 23. It just seem so long to go without an appointment. Hopefully, I'm just being anxious and at least I have my 20 wk ultrasound to look forward to.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm 20 weeks and haven't had a single prenatal appointment, yet. I did stop in to chat with my mw (also a friend) for a few minutes and drop off a few things and pick up our contract, and we took a sneak listen with the doppler for a few minutes. So, I got to hear baby's heartbeat. I was getting a little worried because I haven't felt much movement... just every once in awhile. But, the heartbeat was fine. Baby just has lots of room to move around (as this is my 4th pg and uterus gets stretchy!). I have my first official mw appoinment next week.

Now that the huge event I was planning is OVER, I might actually have some time to start knitting for baby. I have some wool I'm planning to use for longies. I also picked up some wool soakers in nb/s made by a friend for a really reasonable price, so I feel like I've done SOME thinking about this new baby.

I still have really long lists of potential baby names, and dh is no help at all as he is not ready to think about it... and says he just prefers to have veto power. I mean, I like not getting into big name battles with him... but a little more input than "that's not bad, we can go with that" would be nice. I'd like to think he actually LIKES our kids names, and not just tolerates them.
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Originally Posted by Mammo2Sammo View Post
Hello Everyone!
This time, we are changing it up a bit. I strongly believe that this baby was the baby we lost in our first pregnancy, and she has come back to us now. I believe that she decided that she wanted big brothers. So, with the help of Intuitive Jamie, we picked the name Selah Jane (pronounced say - lah). It is a Hebrew music term meaning to pause or wait. I believe that she has waited 8 years for us, for the right time.
I think that's beautiful. I wasn't sure about the name until I read the pronunciation and said it out loud, but I really like it. Not that you need my approval, of course!
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Originally Posted by Ashley_R View Post
We've had unseasonable HOT weather recently, I DO NOT do well in the heat, let alone pregnant in the heat. How is everyone else doing as things start to heat up outside?
Ack! I'm also in MI and not doing well in the heat at all... My feet have been swelling, and they've never done that before. And I've been very pregnant in summer 2 times before. I NEED to get some exercise, but it is TOO HOT. I'm so thankful we have air... and feel so guilty for turning it on already because of the expense/environmental factors.
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Originally Posted by honeybee View Post
but a little more input than "that's not bad, we can go with that" would be nice. I'd like to think he actually LIKES our kids names, and not just tolerates them.
um, yeah, that's about my dh. except last time around he exercised all veto power b/c he had a name that he just wanted and that was it. we went with it, but this time around i definitely get to choose and he's got nothing for me...and i've asked like 5x already.

i too haven't seen anyone yet. been doing my own prenatals and will start seeing someone after our u/s which we're waiting on until 26 wks - much to my dh's chagrin. but really all he cares about is knowing gender, so really, that's a pretty silly reason to jump the gun, so he has to just wait. LOL

the heat would be getting to me (we're in SE MI too) except the office i work in is 60 degrees. really. so i can't wait to go outside for lunch and breaks so i can warm up!! it's making me sick though being so cold all day and then so hot after work/in the evenings. i think it's mellowing out at work though, they just kicked the air on monday and it usually takes one day to turn on, then we get 3-4 days of FREEZING and then it evens out to a tolerable what-AC-should-be temp.

alrighty, speaking of work, i should get back to it...
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Okay....I just had to share ~

I get to see my DH this weekend. It will only be for about 48 hours, but we haven't seen him in a month. Can't wait to spend some time with him.
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That's great, BaMo! Have fun

Stupid babyzone keeps sending my infant updates instead of pregnancy ones! The header says "your pregnancy week 21" but the content is for already born babies .
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Have a great time with your DH BaMo.
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Have fun with yoru dh BaMo!!

We are headed off to a nearby lake with friends today - can't wait to spend the day floating on the water with friends. There is even this really cool island that we canoe to .. people have turned it into a "pirate island" for the kids - complete with palm trees, sandy beach, treasure chest (leave a toy & you can take one) and a big pirate flag. Ds just loves the island and it's going to be a fun day. Now if only the thunder and threat of storms would pass us by.... !!!
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We're heading out to Ohio for a couple days (with my mom, dh is staying here to clean the garage out) for a family get together. We're going down today and coming back tomorrow evening. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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