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Bad no good terrible mood right before labor?

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Anyone have this happen? You went from an okay/regular/everyday mood (with a bit of "dang, my body aches!" thrown in) to a TERRIBLE mood and went into labor not long after?

Ever since Thursday/Friday, I've been in a BAD mood. I mean, I'm pleasant, but my fuse is SUPER SHORT. Today DH was telling me about something involving a computer he was working on, and normally I can pay attention even if I have no real interest. But in my mind I found myself going, "Shut up.. shut up...!!" and when he was done, I think I sighed with relief. This is worse than PMS that I get for 1-2 days before/as AF starts. I can't stand myself. I'm glad tomorrow is Monday as the kids will be gone for a few hours, even though they haven't been difficult or anything.

I know I am not overdue and I'm trying my best to enjoy this pregnancy.. but in a small way, and I hate to say this here, I am hoping that this hormone shift or whatever means impending labor. (Though with my history, I highly doubt I will go into labor anytime soon) Anything to relieve the crud mood I am in, though.

ETA: And now I am just sitting here crying. I don't feel bad physically (other than SPD but I can deal with that). I just am angry at myself for how cr@ppy I feel. How silly is that? UGHHHHH. I realized that I am upset that I feel so out of control of my life. But then I think about it and I am more in control than ever, so wtheck? Everything is ready (since I am surro, this means my hospital bag is packed, pump is bought/ready to go, bills paid up, etc.).
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ddc crashing...

My sister does this! 4 babies, 4 really bad moods before hand. Hang in there mama, one way or another, you are going to do this, get through this, and have a baby!!!
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I think it is a promising sign, mama...all of the hormone shifting in the end will ultimately result in labour. Hang in there and be gentle with yourself! HUGS
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I hope this is what I am going through right now. I had a terrible morning yesterday, totally emotional and moody and cranky and very short tempered. Contractions started about 5:30pm and have been about 5 min apart when i time them, nothing terribly painful, but I haven't been able to sleep since 4am with the crampiness and back ache so I am just waiting now to see if anything progresses. Hopefully that is a good sign for you that labor is near, hang in there I know how you feel for sure.
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I got like that before my first. I was uncontrollably crying the night before. Went into labor in the middle of the night.
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I was up until 3am, feeling extremely restless and irritable but finally fell asleep. 4am arrives and 5 y/o DD wakes up and begins yelling from her bed that we didn't tuck her in (very very random and odd!). DH took the kids to school this AM, I am in a better mood but am still feeling the "out of control" feeling.. argh.. :/ I chalk it up to hormones now, not prelabor hormones. LOL.
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I do, but my window is really big. And it's taken 3 pregnancies for me to track it. About 2 weeks before i give birth i go into this HUGE hormonal crash. With my first i thought it was some sort of prenatal depression and was terrified it meant i'd be getting PPD.

With #2, I thought it was due to dh being home on a PICC IV for lyme disease and our lives being completely screwy. With the last pregnancy I remember saying to dh, mark a star on the calendar i want to see if this is the magical 2 week mark. Low and behold, each time its been 2 weeks almost to the day. Sucky part is i am a you know what to be around for those 2 weeks. Its AWFUL. I don't like being miserable or depressed or negative and i am those to the max!

It started around the 12th this time, so im interested to see if i go around the 26/27th. I'm praying i do, because i totally understand . . . feeling like this is AWFUL! Big hugs
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mama! I have also been a big grump lately!
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Oh please please please let it be true! Yesterday was horrible. I was cranky and crying a ton. Of course, I think for me it's because I'm just so frustrated at being on bedrest. I am uncomfortable and HOT, but I think I feel guilty having people take care of me AND dd. But since I'm looking at eventual induction due to pre-e, I'd love to go into labor early and naturally.
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Mamja - Oh, I am sorry about the rest. BTDT and OMG, it's well.. there are no words to really cover how terrible it can be. I was on rest with my twins due to high BP. UGH. ::HUGS:: Mama.

I am sorry for those of us that can relate to one another. Sucks. Horrormoans make me want to dig a hole in the ground, take cover and not come out until this baby has come out. :/
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I hope so! I have been a terrible, cranky wife/mom the past few days. I alternate between super happy and in love with life to pissed off at the smallest thing, to weepy and exhausted.
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I dunno that it means anything for me..but yeah for the past few days Ive been an incredibly evil super b*tch..To the point my DH said I sounded like a beast calling the kids for dinner..how nice
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I had a couple of really grumpy days but nothing happened. I'm not sure yet so I wasn't expecting it to move on just yet.
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