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Weekly Thread 5/24 - 5/30 Last Chance for a May Baby!

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Well my due date came and went yesterday. I was crazy tired all day. Fortunately DH was off and I was able to take a giant nap. We've been doing a couple of things to get things going before the possible membrane sweep this morning. I haven't got a clue what her position is today, but as DiChiRi pointed out in my thread about the procedure, I do have a lot riding on this and will probably go with it if it's offered today. I think the fact that I'm 42 really freaks them out at the BC (they have about 3 of us over 40- a year!). I get the feeling that they won't let me hang around "post due" for long.

How's everyone else?

I love hearing all the birth stories. Too bad reading them doesn't produce prostaglandins!
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I'm here too, Jezza. Hope the membrane sweep moves things along. It sounds like, given your providers, this might be the right idea. GL! Are you feeling anything going on?

My DD is today. It's not "estimated" because we did IVF, but I still had a feeling I would go late. I have a feeling it will be more toward this coming weekend. I was measuring behind (which I know at this point is common) but we did a BPP last wk and all was fine, fluid, size, hb, etc.

I'm going to try to keep moving, drinking my RRL tea, using the EPO, squatting, have DH rub the ankle points, maybe a little nipple stimulation in a few days. I made the lactation cookies last night to pass the time.

I'm not sure I'm really feeling anything different though. Would I feel different if say, my cervix was dilating? At 36 wk, it wasn't, but I don't feel many new sensations since then. I keep confusing my BH with the need to go to the bathroom. I think that means I am having a lot more of them.

MW appt. tomorrow. We broke down and scheduled the cable guy to come tomorrow too to install basic cable, so I kind of hope I don't go into labor while *that* is being done, lol.

Who else?
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i can't believe we're in our last week in may! how did that happen?! i guess sometime during my babymoon...i'm just now realizing (duh) that ilan was the may ddc's first baby actually born in may (at 12:11a may 1st) which is pretty neat.

i have been keeping up with everyone even though i'm a terrible naker and don't comment as much as i would like.

things are good here. i feel emotionally really even-keeled and physically awesome (it feels FANTASTIC to be down a 10-3 baby even though i didn't think i was uncomfortable when i was pregnant). my bleeding more or less stopped after a week though i still have some spotting here or there.

ilan is a mellow baby for the most part (i think he's going through newborn malaise/growth spurting the last two days though so has been a bit grumplestilskin) and a much better sleeper than my first was. i am totally in love with him and find it absurdly charming that i have A SON -- i'm so excited to watch a little boy grow and know what it's like to raise one, as i grew up only with sisters.

wren had a tough second week as a big sister but we tried really hard to restore some of our normal rhythms in the third and that appears to have helped.

i finished my epic birth story and uploaded all of my lovely birth photos (we had a photographer friend there) but i haven't posted it on my public blog yet because i need to make it more anonymous just in case b/c of the current illegality of homebirth in nyc... i will post a link here though when i do get to that. right now it's just on my protected livejournal.
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i'm here too!

this whole weekend i've felt really exhausted. we pretty much stayed in the whole all weekend long, and i spent time doing nothing and watching movies. i tried just about every natural inducer this weekend to no avail, so i've just decided to give up and let baby decide when he wants to arrive. today i feel good.

at my m/w appt on thurs my bp was still up (140/90), it's been elevated this whole last month, but i've had no other signs of anything going wrong (no swelling, no headaches, no blurred vision, etc). so she's still wanting me to monitor things, and she was also encouraging me to try different things to encourage labor (which is what i was doing all weekend). i'm kind of frustrated with the whole bp thing, b/c i've been trying all different things to get it down, but nothing working (it's been b/w 130/mid-70s - 140/90). it sucks b/c it just seems like there are so many factors that affect bp (btw, my dad has high bp and has to take meds for it), so it's getting exhausting for me to keep trying things and worrying about it when at this point i feel like it's just norm for me. so i'm hoping to just ride it out for another week or so until baby makes his arrival.
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Still here, still pregnant, VERY uncomfortable. 40w2d. This kid feels pretty deeply engaged in my pelvis and I've been shedding huge quantities of my mucous plug for the past 36 hours (but still without blood). I cannot find any comfortable posture whatsoever. I've been trying to spend some time bouncing on the birthing ball but that's uncomfortable too. I can't decide whether it would be more useful to gather up what energy I have to clean & nest or to try to relax myself significantly in the hopes that will make labor decide to show up. I'm kind of hoping to birth tomorrow (overnight would be fine) because 5/25 has a nice ring to it...and because I'm uncomfortable enough that it really feels like it's time. But if Bagel needs more time, Bagel can have more time. I'm trying to be patient.
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still hanging in too...only 40w4d at this point...but still on edge due to the doctor issues out here.

I got the nesting bug again darn it and ended up cleaning my oven yesterday to spotless....then mopped floors....and started on crazy laundry mode....trying to wash the boys' bedding and finish all that I can so dh isn't doing laundry when I'm laid out in bed...

I feel so heavy in my lower stomach...a ton of pressure and can barely put my legs together it HURTS....having just a few cramps here and there...but overall feel great.
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40+3 here, and we are having a 'heatwave' in the UK - I am hardly even venturing out of the house, because I am just suffering to much, and it is about 102 degrees in the house!

We now have so much going on with our business (that DH and I run) that I am feeling really thankful that baby is late - we have to do a stock take tonight..... I have just done 5 months worth of book keeping, and if there is one thing I hate more that book keeping it is doing a stock take!!!

It is meant to cool down here by Thursday so am hoping baby will hold off till then, as it would not be fun to labour in this heat!
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I like the birthday 5/25/10 also! I've been looking at all the 5's thinking "oh how cool would that be" (5/5, 5/10, 5/15...)she better not hold out til 5/30!

I ate half a fresh pineapple last night. Needless to say, I'm still here. But the vitamin load sure was welcomed. So my kids birth days are 8, 22, 26, 21 ...they seem to like the twenties...so I'm hoping this little girl will jump on board here soon as the "twenties" are rapidly decreasing! The big fat full moon is on Thursday. I'm hoping to catch some of the "pull" and kick things off any minute! DH is certain that I'm going to have her "this week"-he's even taken a light work week so he's not exhausted. He's also certain she will come in the middle of the night. He's usually right and has an odd way of knowing these things, so I am napping as much as possible in between my still lingering obsession with meticulous floors. 6 of us and I demand spotless floors-it's a full time job I tell ya!

My oldest DS's got home from bio dad visitation to announce both bio dad and step mama were horribly sick and they just laid around all weekend. Gee, thanks guys for sending that home! And to think a month ago they canceled visitation cause one of the boys had strep-event though he'd been on antibiotics for 4 days at that point. I'll be eating garlic alot over the next few days... trying to think healthy thoughts but damnit we have been sick since February. I'm still doing the whole cough pee cycle. Chalking it up to allergies these days but still--didn't want anything NEW coming home! (on that note...I'm SO happy school is out June 11th!!!)

So I don't want to update with a novel but I gotta tell you we brought home a kitten last week. It's a long story and we intended to not add any animals for a year or two but her story pulled at even the most hardened heart and I drug her home. She's six weeks old now. Gotta say-she totally helps with the need to cuddle snuggle and love on something soft and sweet. Course at night she's piss and vinegar to the hilt and attacks feet, hands and anything else that even thinks about moving! Total crack up. She's gained half a pound in a week (which she desperately needed) and now has a little soft fat belly and her hair is no longer brittle. Her cheeks are no longer all bones. She's got a very grateful spirit about her and I gotta say it was a good move even though met with some hesitation. At least I'm getting my "baby fix" in a good way

So our family has grown...just not quite what I've been waiting for. All that's left is our little girl to join the mix. Glad I'm not the only one still in the house this last week of May!
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Still here, too. No idea when Sprocket is going to make his or her appearance. I was having some more intense contractions this morning around 5 a.m. but I was able to return to sleep, and when I woke up again, they were gone. My EDD is on Thursday, with the full moon, however, if I go by last date of possible conception (before I left town) it could be as late as an EDD of 5/31....so, I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for this week, or this month, even. We'll see.
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I'm still here too! Only thing going on with me is some light cramping that just started about 30 minutes ago. I was baking some banana nut bread for my midwife when it started. Not sure if it will go anywhere though.

I'm hoping the full moon this week will help me out!!!
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Still here, still pregnant, still alternating between feeling patient and wanting to shout "Get the heck out of my stomach and into my arms, little girl."

I'm five days past my due date. The crummy part is I don't really have any of the birthing signs. No mucus plug, no bloody show, no contractions, nothing. Plus, at my last two appointments I've been 75% effaced, 1 centimeter dialated with a cervix that is still incredibly high and posterior.

In spite of this, I want to believe she is coming this week. Please come soon, sweet girl. I don't fit my clothes, I waddle, I can't sleep, my pelvis aches, and I've pretty much given up parenting your brother and sister. Come soon. Come soon. Come soon.
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I'm still here too.. 39 weeks 3 days. DD #1 came on her due date and for some reason, I have been thinking this one would come in my 39th week. But so far, no sign of her. I have menstrual feeling cramps every day, several times a day, but no plug, no bloody show, no BH, no nothing. But I didn't last time either. I didn't lose my plug until half way through labor and no bloody show until right before transition. Maybe it will go the same way this time.

The weekend was good. Spend Saturday getting the house cleaned up, organizing the garage, and mostly just hanging around. We spend most of Sunday at my in-laws where DD had a blast and wore herself out I'm also going back and forth between thinking I'm-so-done-so-get-this-baby-out-of me-RIGHT-NOW!!!! and being ok with her taking her time to come when she's ready. It doesn't help that the majority of the day I'm an emotional basket case going very quickly from crying to laughing.

My dad comes in town tomorrow evening so maybe she's just waiting for her Opa to get here! So glad I'm not the only one left in May to still be pg!
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39w 2d- so I really shouldn't be complaining. Classes are over, just 6 finals now and I'm having a hard time studying (now why would that be?)

Yesterday was a roller-coaster of emotions. I really did want, and tried desperately to have baby sooner rather than later. My MW thinks the stress of finals may keep baby inside. It was so upsetting to think that I might be the one getting in my own way of meeting this baby. I spent a long time talking to a couple of friends, and my sister. I processed etc. And then after a nice dinner, I took myself, Ina May's guide to childbirth and a glass of wine to the bath tub.

My new mantra is "I am fine with being pregnant another three weeks." I repeated it often over the evening, and have told the baby I'm sorry for being impatient. Even if it's a struggle I am really going to try and live it. There is no use in me being upset about being stressed about studying and that maybe possibly keeping the baby in. I even repeatedly told the baby it's ok to wait as long as you want, you can come anytime in the next three weeks, when I got an hour or so or crampy backachy contractions.

So here I am, preggo, hormonal, studying, and not trying for zen- just trying to be ok with being pregnant for another 3 weeks. I've been pregnant for 37 total this pregnancy (since you're not really pregnant those 1st 2 weeks...) I can certainly deal with being pregnant another three.
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Gah, tippy, I know just how you feel! They all seem to want us to *do* something to create the perfect birth scenario and it's always something completely out of our control!

Warning -

Went to the MW yesterday and, of course, they could not reach the head on the pelvic! Now they're back to being skittish and want me to see the OB *again*! Good thing I never bothered to cancel my appointment. She seems to be floating pretty high near my left hip, but facing it, with her butt just to the right of my belly button. This was *exactly* where she was at OB's last week and he said oblique was fine as long as the head was lower. I keep reminding them that 2nd babies often do not descend into the pelvis until labor and they're all like yeah, yeah, but we can't feel it! Arghhhh! They can feel her head when they palp the abdomen and get the heartbeat right by my left hip, but is that good enough - nooooo.

I also had to have another NST (perfect as always - read unnecessary) and have to have an ultrasound for fluid and size. They are constantly going on about her being little (not too) and having so much room to move around - and we're checking fluid and size?!

So as of this morning I can go to the BC when I'm in labor, but they are clearly afraid of me. I like the OB, but the hospital experience surrounding the version was so horrible I don't know how I could give birth there unless forced to by pharmaceuticals.

Gee, so is it any wonder I'm nowhere near labor? I keep thinking of having the baby in the closet! At least DH is now on vacation and is being super helpful with all the house/child stuff. We're less angry today.

I hope I can find a way back to my "help myself every way I can, but do not become attached to outcome" thing that the acupuncturist suggested.
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I was up all night being uncomfortable...(like most night lately). I'm *really* tired of being pregnant. Yes, I have lost my zen completely. I spent the time talking to my baby and telling her it was time to come out. NOW! I even had my daughter talk to her yesterday. Nothing is going on. at. all. I know it doesn't mean anything but I think if SOMETHING was going on it would help me be a little more patient knowing that I was at least close to giving birth.

ugh. Come on full moon - I REALLY, REALLY hope you can do something for me.
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I was up a lot of the night too. I took a walk on the treadmill last night after I put DD in bed and started having BH contractions that kept coming all night long. Still having a few this morning too! Maybe this is a start to something...
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This morning I'm a complete crab.
Asked dh for his help last night he laughed me off again...so I am tired, my RIGHT foot is swollen up like a hobbits foot (and yes it's ONLY my right), and I'm cramping with NO progress. I told myself to remain calm but this morning I couldn't even talk to dh, tell him goodbye when he left for work or hell even be near him. He just doesn't get what I need only that it's weird to him and he will just keep far far far far away from me.

I just told ds that we are going out to get chicken nuggets and milkshakes for lunch because momma is having a bad day.
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o, jezza, ((hugs)) hang in there momma! we don't have much longer. i feel your frustrations!!!!

yesterday i wasn't feeling well. i had a bfast/lunch that was outside of my norm, and i think that got things moving in there. so i was feeling kind of crampy and had to use the bthrm a few times. i have ibs, so i was pretty sure that's what it was, but didn't want to risk it, so i left work early. got home and relaxed, but then had a piece of breaded shrimp that dh had made and proceeded to puke up the contents of my tummy. took a warm epsom salt bath, and was in bed by 8pm. slept relatively undisturbed through the night, and feel much better today. though i have had occasional contrax/back aches. but nothing that i have to focus on.
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Mamabean, was your DH the couch/computer one? If so, mine has been like that in the past. It's very hard. What I would eventually do is either just leave the house and not take my phone or go to bed, shut the door and refuse to get up. He would then be forced to take over childcare, dinner, etc. This kind of drastic action would finally get him to notice that I was desperate. You probably won't get a willing attitude, but you should get something.

Has anyone else with other kids and overdue suddenly noticed that this weekend is a holiday and that children have no school on Fri and Mon? I have no childcare for those days!!! I've had to send a begging email to friends to see if someone can cover us until 6pm when bro gets off work! Jeepers, what next?
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