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Sun burn

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DD was at her friends house yesterday, when she called to see if she ould go to the beach with her friends and their parents. It was very hot out, and she came home with a sun burn. It has been years since I have been burned, and this is the 1st lo to get burnt from the sun. She is very uncomfortable. What can I put on her skin to help it heal and ease the pain?

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I remember my mom putting aloe vera on my sunburns when I was a kid and it helped a lot. Also make sure that she drinks lots of liquids.
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Definitely the aloe vera! You can also use lavander essential oil (mixed in with the aloe, mixed with a carrier oil, or neat on the skin). Just make sure you use the highest quality EO that doesn't have synthetics in it. Young Living is an amazing company! Hope you feel better!
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i know a bunch of sun burn home remedies. i'm a natural redhead. i used to tell people i was caspers' little sister, since i am so pale. i literally burn in 10 minutes.

cold milk compresses. raw works best, but skim won't really help. 1 or 2% works best.

cucumber. wash a cucumber, put it in the blender, apply the paste wherever. you can mix milk with it, too.

cider vinegar compresses or a cool bath with a cup or so of cider vinegar (also good for heat rashes or other minor skin irritations).

baking soda paste or a baking soda bath.

there's always good old noxema. it really does help, and it's quick.

i also use a vitamin e and aloe lotion, after the first day or so.

i have tried all of these, on myself and my kids, who are not redheads, but are just as pale as their mama! we go thru gallons of sunscreen every year
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If it's still hot don't put any type of oil on it. That will hold the heat in & you want the heat to come out.

Once it has stopped feeling hot when she's in the tub put honey on it & let it sit until it starts to slide & then wash it off. Tea tree oil will work good to help it heal faster.
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We used vinegar rubbed all over. You smelled like a salad, but it cooled the skin off.
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I have found that the Boiron Calendula Lotion really helps remove the redness, the heat and the pain. I've used this for two sunburns and haven't had them peel. I was amazed.


If you want to use something that you have on hand, you could also soak a washcloth in apple cider vinegar and cool water. Then put that on the burn for awhile.
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Vinegar draws the heat out,too. I usually draw a bath and pour the vinegar right in. The burn s gone by morning.
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