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another question and update about my foster children

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hi Jamie! I just wanted to let you know that we did decide to take my foster childrens' sibling. She is one and the most adorable, precious girl. It was so funny- last time you told me to take her first before our private adoption and I was thinking- No Way! I had it set in my mind that I was not giving up with our agency. Then about a week or so later I woke up one morning and thought this is it, we have to take her, it is the right thing to do for her, for our foster children, and for us. I put our profile on hold with our agency, and we are currently having visits with her on weekends and then in June she will move in. You had said that you saw a baby girl (check) wrapped in pink- well, I remembered that my husband had said months ago when he first saw her (I wasn't there) that she was adorable and all bundled up in pink! And you also said last time that you saw a toddler boy who is African American- that would be my foster son who is 2.5 and the love of my life! So they all have the same mother but different fathers.

This is my question- when will these three children be freed for adoption? After being on this roller coaster for 2.5 years I am praying that termination happens soon so we can move on with permanency in our lives. It is complicated with three fathers and DSS does not move quickly or predictably so i was hoping to get some kind of time frame from you! Thank you so much- you do not even know how much you have helped me get through these past few months. Your gift is amazing!
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That is such wonderful news and such a happy update. I am very pleased and blessed that you would share that with me! Thank you! Made my day!

The children will be freed for adoption. I think it's going to take a little while longer. I'm hearing December. I feel like it will be your Christmas gift!

I will hope for another update at that time of wonderful news that these children are yours permanantly!!

Thanks again for sharing this part of your life with me and allowing me to help!

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