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Poll Results: Do you vaccinate your dog or cat?

  • 7% (6)
    I fully vax my pet. I fully vax my child.
  • 13% (11)
    I fully vax my pet. I selective/delayed vax my child.
  • 6% (5)
    I fully vax my pet. I do not vax my child at all.
  • 0% (0)
    I selective/delay vax my pet. I fully vax my child.
  • 20% (17)
    I selective/delay vax my pet. I selective/delay vax my child.
  • 30% (25)
    I selective/delay vax my pet. I do not vax my child at all.
  • 0% (0)
    I do not vax my pet at all. I fully vax my child.
  • 0% (0)
    I do not vax my pet at all. I selective/delay vax my child.
  • 22% (19)
    I do not vax my pet at all. I do not vax my child at all.
83 Total Votes  
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I was thrilled to learn that my state has stopped doing the yearly rabies and now allows for every 3 years.

I do want to say unless you can protect your puppy 100% (not letting them anywhere near where other puppies, unvaxed dogs have been) and live in an area where parvo and distemper is not really a big issue like it is here not doing puppy shots is a near death sentence. Once the dog is older, over a year they become less so but still will make the dog very very sick with expensive treatment that may or may not work.

Unlike human vax the ones for puppies, ie parvo/distemper, really do save lives, yes there can be side affects but they do not outweigh the risk of the diseases themselves. I have seen puppies die of both and it is not pretty at all they suffer greatly and they only have a very small chance of survival.
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We do not vax the kids or ourselves (except I'm finishing my Hep B series for healthcare) but I do have to vax the cat. We don't get everything offered, but we have to have rabies and something else to board him. Rabies is required to license him w/ the city and then we have to board him if we ever go anywhere (like vacation a few wks ago) so he has to have those.
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Our dog is fully vaxed, but only as often as we have to board him and I would definitely do rabies every year.

Our indoor-only cats are selectively vaxed. We do an upper-respiratory virus combo vax on kittens (and yearly) and rabies vax at one year old and occasionally thereafter. My state requires rabies every year, however I just don't bother with it past a year unless I happen to need to take them to the vet for other reasons. One of my cats had a bad reaction to the rabies vax when she was a year old and we almost lost her, so no more rabies vax for her. Our vet said he'd write us an exemption if we ever needed one. We don't do Feline Leukemia because most cats are immune after the age of two and our cats never go outdoors and all of them have tested neg. We don't do FIP because it is totally ineffective anyway.

We don't have kids yet (our first due in Dec!), but we plan on selective/delayed vax.
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We give our dog the vaxes she has to have to move with us. Our children are not vaxed.
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My dog also gets a yearly rabies.

My children will receive IPV, MMR and DTaP.
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I think animals are way over-vaxed. Fortunately vets around here have switched to a three year schedule after puppy shots. I would just do rabies, but we have to board our dogs from time to time so I have to do everything including boardetella. I really wish I had more choice here, but unless we hire a private dog sitter ($$$) we have to do shots.

My kid isn't vaxed at all.
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Our dogs were vaxed with the cores (Parvo, Distemper, Adeno) when younger, then titered to show seroconversion. Never vaxed again aside from fulfilling the rabies law requirement every three years.
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Originally Posted by Katerz2u View Post
Our dog only gets the rabies vaccine per law. We don't vaccinate our kids.
this.....when we had a dog. our 2 cats were vaxed before we knew the dangers...they are no longer and haven't had any in years.
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I selective/delay vax the dog. The same goes with DS.
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I dont vax my children and I dont vax any animals. My cat, the last pet I got, I had to get rabies and some drops for the earmites she had as a kitten, but that was it. (she had been outside) Got her fixed to 'control pet population' but did not and will not ever de-claw my cats. No vet visits ever after that, she was an indoor animal.
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4 unvaxed cats, 2 unvaxed dogs, 1 unvaxed 3 year old and another to be unvaxed baby arriving soon.
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We do not vaccinate DS or either of our pets (cat & dog). My dear doggie that I adopted as a pup was fully vaccinated from birth and beyond... We boarded him quite a bit when we traveled and always had to have his vaccines up-to-date. I was young at the time and didn't question this. What a mistake. He passed away from prostate cancer at age 7. I strongly believe that there was a correlation between over-vaxing and the development of his cancer at such a young age.
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