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Chat Thread May

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Welcome my fellow gestating February babes mamas and mamas waiting to gestate February babes! I thought I'd open us up a chat thread so we can get to know each other, muse about frequent peeing, nasty smells, fatigue, and what tastes yummy!

Anyway, I'm thrilled to chat with all of you!

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Hi Jenne! We are having a happy day here, odd's last day of 2nd grade!! I'm so happy that summer is here and I won't have to rush around every morning getting 4 kids dressed and ready to take dd to school As for symptoms...I got my first taste of the beginnings of morning sickness this morning, I've been getting up in the middle of every night to pee for the last two weeks, and smells are driving me crazy. Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm already getting bloated!! But I'm trying to savor it all, because dh tells me that this is it, no more babies and he's going to make it permanent. Oh well, at least I get to have our little tiebreaker (we have 2 girls and 2 boys right now).
I'm looking forward to getting to know all the Feb moms! Bring on the bfp's!
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Hi all! I'm lurking/hoping to be pg. I am DPO and not really feeling it this cycle...but you never know...it's still too early. IF we are pg, our EDD will be 2/9/11...11 days before my 29th bday! And a day before my MIL's bday! The only thing I have right now is a stuffy nose(got one with my pg march '10)...and thats odd considering that I'm in TX, and it's almost 90 degrees...

So I OF COURSE will be obsessively testing starting this thursday. I bought IC's for the first time and have 25 to 'waste'...hehehehe hoping that its the first and last time(this baby) to buy them!

GL to you all! H&H9!!! I hope I get to know you all!!
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Baby Dust to you Jennifer!!

Well..Im going to hang out here until I know what the heck is going on. Im really hoping to join you all this month! I had very very faint positives on the dollar store strips yesterday. Same thing this morning. Maybe a touch darker. Of course I ended up showing it to dh and he didnt see it. Big surprise. I ended up taking a 1st response later this morning and got a bfn. Took a dollar store test "cartridge" and another neg.
I know its early. Im only like 8/9 dpo. I can say 100% that those test strips have consistently had a very faint line though.

Maybe the strips are more sensitive? I dunno..
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I have no symptoms yet. Just two pretty lines on several sticks.

My MS hits around seven weeks and lasts until 12 weeks. So I am sure it will come.

I did buy some new prenatals today (I was running out of the old ones). They are they food based ones you take six times a day.
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Yikes, Pat! 6 a day! I have food based ones that are only 1 a day. On the con list though they are coated with a vanilla/orange smell/flavoring that doesn't quite mask the vitamin smell. I have to majorly hold my breath even when I'm not knocked up. How do you do it? There is no way I'd remember!

Jennifer and geek_the_girl- Baby dust for you both!

mamaw/two- Congratulations on summer! How wonderful! Yeah, my first symptom was having to pee in the night. What a pain! I cannot imagine these first weeks of pregnancy with another child or two to care for. I'm so impressed! It's all I can do to serve DH dinner and shower before collapsing into bed...

I have to fly to San Antonio on Friday and I'm not looking forward to it. Any first trimester flying advice from btdt mamas?

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For the prenatals you take 3 in the morning and three at night. Then at lunch I take my calcium. That way the calicum and iron don't conflict.
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I just don't think I could remember all those! That's awesome that you can!

So, I went to the doc today. My beta was 81 and I'm 12dpo! I'm just so thrilled! I feel like it is one hurdle down...on to Thursday's test. Stick baby stick!

I hope everyone is feeling well and doing well tonight!

I just got a call and my progestereone is 37.9. Yahoo!
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sticky sticky to all of you with bfps!

like jenniferadurham I'm a hopeful TTC #3 and I happen to be in TX too hopefully we will both get to join you!

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by echospiritwarrior View Post
sticky sticky to all of you with bfps!

like jenniferadurham I'm a hopeful TTC #3 and I happen to be in TX too hopefully we will both get to join you!

Good luck!
Where in TX are you? I'm north of Dallas on the tollway about 30 minutes
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I'm flying to Texas tomorrow for work!


PS I just got a call from the doctor's office...beta #2 was 156...that's a doubling time of 48.75 hours. That's okay!
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So hoping to be here! Only 9 dpo so too early to tell. My chart looks awesome but it did last time too so who knows. This is our 5th cycle trying.
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Holly, when are you testing? My fingers are crossed for yoU!
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[quote]Where in TX are you? I'm north of Dallas on the tollway about 30 minutes [quote]

so, in Frisco?

I'm in Richardson!
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Babydust to those still waiting for the BFP.

As far as the Dollar store tests, I didnt know they had strips. I took 3-$1 tests all of which had faint lines. Then I took a FR and it was positive and less of a faint line. I found out 4 days after my missed period. And its weird. WIth both my first and this pregnancy as soon as I get the BFP, i start feeling the tiredness, lightheadednessa and some nausea. But before I missed my period I was peeing alot.
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Happy Memorial Day everyone!!! As many of you know, its going to be a scorcher here in Texas. Usually I would be making red, white, and blue jello shots today... oh my how things have changed. Hope you mamas all have a great day!
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Happy memorial day. Today our home school park day is canceled. So I get to drop my dd off at her nana's house. Then I will be free to puke/sleep alone until tomorrow. It will be wonderful.
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My BB's hurt only 11DPO and neg's so far...I usually test in the morning(bc I have no self control) and in the afternoon(when my pee reads better)

I HOPE to be in here within the next couple of days!
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Good luck Jennifer!
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
Where in TX are you? I'm north of Dallas on the tollway about 30 minutes
I'm about 30 minutes outside of Austin, so we're quite a ways apart!

Good luck to all those still awaiting BFPs (myself included). I am still feeling pretty hopeful even though it looks as if I may have Oed a few day later than usual but that would still put my edd around the 20th of Feb. I can't wait to POAS, now to just stay really busy in the next couple of weeks!
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