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So I took my first ever unisom/b6 combo a few hours ago...and here I still am awake. Got to love pregnant insomnia. Haven't felt sick all night though.
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I just found out Im pregnant! Im totally excited! Im already sick to my stomach though so I can tell its going to suck for the next few months but at least Im sick and pregnant so something good is coming out of it. My hubby leaves for Mongolia in a week and will be gone for between 3-6 weeks which will totally suck but at least its now and not later.
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Baby dust to all who are in the 2WW and TTC

i got my BFP yesterday at 10 dpo hubby and i are soooooo happy, i'm at 11 dpo today and i just feel sleepy all the time, BBs hurt, i crave certain foods esp spicy an sour foods, peeing more than usual but nothing major

Good look to all of you waiting for your BFP, I’m Glad I’m the Feb Club

Sharifa, Mother of DD and #2 on the way
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It's June!

Come on over to the first weekly thread!


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