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CircleOfLifeMidwife - some more info - with baby #2 I did have dilation as early as 30 weeks and was 5cm for 3 weeks before he was born at 37 weeks. I have called my midwife and am awaiting her return phone call. I appreciate the thought and time you put into your response and will keep you updated. I will be seeing my MW tomorrow night for class anyway so she'll get to see me then as well.
I also believe that incompetent cervix is a horrible term - not unlike miscarriage - a term that makes it sound as if the woman or her body has failed.
I am very much into positive thinking. When I had my first episode over 2 weeks ago I told myself and belived and it was only an isolated incident. I am in very good physical condition and in addition to my part time day job I am a personal trainer. Which is great because I am in good physical shape but I also spend quite a bit of time on my feet. If dilation is occuring I would stop training my clients and probably quit my part time job a little early and spend more time focusing on keeping this little babe inside. Right now my life is a bit busy and this may be my body's way of telling me that it is time to settle down.
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