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I rented my wedding dress -- in part because it cost so much less, and also so I wouldn't have to store it later and make these kinds of decisions. I have great pictures from the day, and have never regretted not having a dress to hold onto years later. When I woke up the next morning after our wedding and saw how dirty the underside of the dress was -- I knew I had made the right choice!
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I still have mine. It was a simple ivory bridesmaid's dress, so it didn't cost much relative to a "real" wedding dress. I never had it cleaned after the wedding or anything. It's just hanging in the hall closet, but it's not bulky at all - no more than a regular dress. I haven't really given it any thought, but lately my DD has been asking to see it. I'll probably keep it and let her play with it.

My sister and I used to play with my mom's dress, which my grandmother stored at her house. But then my grandma gave away the hoop skirt that went under it, and then it wasn't so much fun anymore. The dress is still around somewhere, I suspect at my sister's house. We both planned to wear it for our weddings but it was just too tiny in the waist, with a gazillion buttons up the back. No room for alteration at all.

I am starting to feel burdened by all the stuff we have and it is a long process letting things go that have been handed down to me - so OP, if you are "done" with your dress, go ahead and donate and don't give it a second thought!
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My dress from my first wedding went to Goodwill. I think I dropped it off there on one of my moving-out trips.

My dress from my second wedding was something I already owned and had worn (which I bought vintage in the first place), and (assuming I lose the baby weight and can fit into it ever again) will be wearable again, so I haven't donated it.
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My dress was bought off the rack for $85 19 years ago. It's a slip with a lace dress over lay. It's one of the few things that survived a house fire several years ago and is really flat so no big deal to store.

My sister rented hers.
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My Grandmother made mine for me, so it hasn't been nor will it be donated. That said it's been packed away for 10+ years and I have no plans for it. Luckly it isn't elaborate so it doesn't take up much space.
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I still have mine right now. It wasn't much though I did the $109 prom dress like BFS. Its very pretty but not a "real wedding dress." I've been thinking of donating it but lately 4 yo dd has taken an interest in it and would probably be upset if I did. She asks to see it almost daily so I'll probably keep it for her to play with. Of course she wants us to get married again because she wants to be in a wedding lol.
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I donated mine to the Brides Against Breast Cancer, it was 2 years after the wedding, and 3 years later, no regrets. I love love loved my dress, but when I took it out of the box as I was getting ready to donate it, it just looked like a dress. I guess I'm the sort who thinks I have wonderful memories of the day, and a wonderful marriage to show for it, so what do I need a lump of lacy fabric to remind me of? I have great pics of the dress. I also have 2 boys with no plans for more kids, and I wouldn't want to shove around a huge box on the off chance that I might have a daugher that might get married that might be my size that might want to wear the dress.

The only thing that bugs me.. I really wish they would let you send your name and email address with the dress. I always wonder who bought it and I wish I could hear from that girl or see a picture and know that she enjoyed the dress as much as I did.
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