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Help! New baby on the way

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I have a 2yo who sleeps in bed with us. If he is with us, he falls asleep really fast and STTN. If I try to put him in his room, it takes at least an hour for him to fall asleep and than, he wakes up 2-3 hours later and cries until we bring him in bed with us.
I wouldn't really have a problem with him sleeping with us if it wasn't for the new baby coming in october. I don't think we would all fit in the same bed and I don't really think it's safe for a newborn to sleep in the same bed as a toddler...what is the solution to this? I really have no idea what to do and it is making me nervous!
Thanks for any tips
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Is there anyway you could put your toddler's bed next to your bed? That way, when the baby comes he will be in his own bed and still be next to you and your newborn can still sleep with you on your bed. HTH!
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We have a twin next to our queen and cosleep with both of our children. If they're both in bed without us, I put DS1 (2.5) on the twin, then a pillow on the crack, then DS2 (5 months) on the other edge of the queen with a pillow between him and the edge. Both mattresses are on the floor. At night, DS1 starts on the twin but usually swaps spots with DH when he wakes to nurse so the kids are on either side of me. I think it's fine to have them in the same bed as long as they're not right next to each other.
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First, you have to make the commitment to move your child to his own room, or to leave her in your room in a separate bed, whatever you feel comfortable with.

We moved our son to his own room when I got pregnant, around age 2 years 4 months. We would lay with him in his own bed (after making a big deal about his new room, letting him pick out a new stuffed animal to bring to his bed). We would lay with him until he fell asleep and if he woke up during the night, we would go back and lay with him again, we didn't bring him to our bed (and it ended up being a blessing because #2 was a TERRIBLE sleeper and was up nursing every 2 hours until she was 1) and eventually he would sleep longer and longer until one day we woke up and he had slept in his room all night. We praised him each morning and were just really positive about it and now he's 6 and I don't think he remembers that he even ever slept with us, thought we do tell him.

Good luck!
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