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Joy's Grand Entrance

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I know I haven't posted in a while but I had been lurking a lot. I just wanted to let you know that my little girl made a Grand Entrance on Wed. Here is her birth story.

I started have noticable contractions around 6 on Wed. night. They just felt like stonger braxton-hicks contractions. I had been having contractions similiar to this for the past week or so but these were a little more consistant. I noticed around 7:30 that they were actually real contractions. They were getting stronger but I still thought I had plenty of time because I was in labor with James for 30 hours. I did some housework and Devin and I made arrangement for James for that evening and the next day. I decided to take a bath and try to get some rest. In the middle of my bath, I told Devin to tell Allison to go ahead and come now because the contractions were getting worse and we were going to need to go soon. Devin said she was already on here way. By the time I got out of the bath. I was have contractions what felt like right on top of each other. We got everything in the van. Once Allison got there, which was only about 10 min later, we got in the van. I decided to sit in the back so I could move around if I needed to deal with the contractions. Once, I got in the van I noticed that the contractions were a little better and then I had a stong urge to push. I tried to ignore it and really didn't think that it was to push her out. Devin was driving as fast as he could to the hospital. Then I noticed that my body was pushing her out on it own. Then all of the sudden I realized she wasn't going to wait. I told Devin she was coming and I was pushing. He told me to stop and the next thing we knew was that she was here and in my arms. Devin pulled over and jumped in the back seat with us. He call 911 and we waited while the ambulance came. Joy was crying and seemed to be doing well. Devin tied the umbillical cord with his shoe strings and got a pillowcase to keep her warm. Before we knew there were two cop cars, an ambulance and a fire truck surrounding our van. We were transported to St. Mary's hospital and both of us are doing great.
I still don't think I believe that I gave birth to my daughter in our van. It seems so surreal. I will say I knew she had a spunky personality in utero. I just didn't even imagine that she would make such a grand entrance.
I prayed that I would have a fast, easy delievery and that she would be healthy. God answered my prayer but definately in ways unexpected. I am so excited to see what God has in store for her. I don't think I could have imagined her birth and I can't even imagine what will be next for her.
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Wow Wow WOW! What a wild ride~ glad you guys are doing great and congrats!!
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DDC lurking. Congrats and what a great birth story!
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Congrats Mama!!! what a wild ride is right. WOW
Welcome Joy
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What a story mama, I had to tell my kiddos about this one, welcome little baby JOY!!!
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wow! welcome joy! good job, mama!
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Isn't it such a trip? I was trying to make it to my car and ended up delivering in my living room instead, but I too had that "I am not pushing; OMG, I am; there's the baby!" with this one. It's quite a story to tell later, eh?!!

I found out from someone else that you can request a copy of the 911 call in some places. I am trying to get one for us as a memento of the occasion.

I'm glad things went so well; her name is gorgeous!
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Oh, no you di'in't! Wow, amazing. She'll dine off that story forever. Congratulations!
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WOW!!!! congrats!
welcome to the world, joy!
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Congrats on a healthy little one and a safe exciting birthing!
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Wow! Congrats on a great and wild birth!
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Woweee!! Congrats mama
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