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Finding out the sex of baby?

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Do we already have this thread? My apologies if we do...

But if not, who is and who isn't? Before we got pregnant and even the first few weeks after we found out, I was adamant about not finding out. I've switched sides lately I have SUCH a strong feeling that it's a girl and I want confirmation! I'm so darn impatient!! DH would be fine not knowing and may choose not to find out even if I do (not sure if that'd work out, but that's what he says anyway ).

So for me, I'd say there's about an 85% chance I'm finding out, but I won't rule out the possibility that I may find some willpower somewhere deep, deep inside
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With my DD, I had such a strong feeling that the baby was a girl that I felt I needed to find out - if the baby were a boy, that would be fine, but it would help to have the extra time to "reframe" my thinking.

I want to find out this time because I have a strong preference (though no inklings), so once again I think it would be helpful to have time to reframe in case the results aren't what I'm hoping for...

We may not share the info w/anyone else, we haven't decided that yet.

Plus it's still a surprise, you just get surprised just many weeks earlier than you would otherwise
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I'm going to wait. I like surprises, but I'm pretty sure this is a girl. I was temping and we DTD 5 days before I ovulated. So, pretty sure those strong swimming girls made it to the finish line while the male sperm long died days before.

Whatever you decide is up to you. If you can't wait I'd take a peek.
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We will be waiting *again.* With DD, I really wanted to know, DH convinced me to wait. I can honestly say that even though I was totally against the idea, (and it practically KILLED me) I am so glad I waited!

I know, I know, people like to plan. BUT the most amazing words I have ever heard were my husband saying "It's a girl!" We had it in our birth plan for him to make the announcement. The funny thing is I was so caught up in the birth I had forgotten to even ask! Gender was the last thing on my mind.

I think it's like waiting for Christmas presents. Yeah, you can cheat and look early, but *IMHO* it detracts from the Big Day. And, believe it or not, I have friends IRL who truly regretted finding out.
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I'll be finding out, mostly because this is baby #9 and I need to figure out how we'll rearrange the house. Plus it is a nice way for the older children to bond before birth.
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We're definitely finding out. We agreed on that long before I got pg, and now I really want to see what we're having. Neither DH nor I have a preference either way; both of us just want a healthy baby. The way I see it, it's a surprise if you find out at 20 weeks or 40 weeks; why not find out earlier?
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My DH recently announced that he for sure wants to know the sex ahead of time. I don't. I also really don't want any ultrasounds, unless medically indicated (like, suspecting twins or previa or something). I have no idea what we'll do. For now, I say we're not finding out, because DH can't seem to articulate any reason for finding out beyond, "I want to". Either way, I think I might try to figure out a way to keep myself in the dark even if he knows. I have no idea how that will work, but hey.
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With DD, we waited and found out at her birth and it was amazing, DH was the one to announce it and we were so excited, we had thought she was a boy so when he said "girl!" that moment was really special. This time, we're going to find out if we can because we just want to be somewhat prepared if it's a boy we have some buying to do, unless we want him wearing a lot of pink (which I'm not really against ) plus I kinda want a girl and if we're having a boy I would appreciate the time to get used to the idea.
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we're not finding out this time - we were surprised with our first and found out with our 2nd and it was way more fun for us to find out at delivery...

I'm a little nervous 'cause I'm a planner, but I figure I have tons of boy stuff, so I'll just wash it all just in case, and buy a few girly things, I can always return them if it's another boy, right?
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Nope. We're waiting til the little babe is born to know. It's the last great suprise. Besides, those ultrasounds can be wrong.
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I would slightly (very slightly) prefer to not find out. However, I decided that I would leave that decision up to my DH, just to make him happy. At this point, he wants to find out, and I'm okay with that! I am not into really gender-specific clothing or anything though, so the gender is not going to affect the kind of things I buy for the baby.
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We're finding out. The babies' gender will determine if we need to look for a 4 or 5 bedroom house. Plus I have my heart set on at least one more girl and want to prep myself if it's two boys.
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nope we are not finding out! dp wants to wait, this will be his only child. i found out with my last one, ds! and i have to say something is just lost when the dr said its a boy!! i was like just told you that 2 mins ago??? ( before thay pulled him out they asked me do you know what it is)

dp said "I really wants a boy but I know its a girl, so let me live the alshtion(sp) for as long as I can ok?" I was like "oh ok. it still could be a boy", I think we ARE having a girl...time will tell
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i will absolutely find out! i need to know so i can prepare. whether we tell others...i don't know. but i just have to know! already have the ultrasound appt scheduled for july 8th. CAN"T WAIT!!!
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I will find out. I'm too much of a planner to wait. In fact, the thought of not finding out freaks me out. I know for most of human history, knowing sex ahead of time wasn't an option and people did fine and blah blah blah. But I need to know. If I could, I'd find out now so that I'd have 7 months to plan everything instead of just 4.
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I am a planner to the extreme. We have a ton of boy stuff and I think this may be a girl, so I will need to hit up my friends that have had girls for some clothes and I want to know that ahead of time.

I am doing a HBAC, so for me, getting a baby out of my vagina will be so dang exciting that the gender would be an afterthought.
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Originally Posted by Climbergirl View Post
I am doing a HBAC, so for me, getting a baby out of my vagina will be so dang exciting
Me too! I'm already trying to decide if it would be inappropriate to have "I just pushed a XXlb, XXin baby out of my vagina at home" as my Facebook status
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I didn't want to find out, and DH really, really, really does. I also don't want u/s unless medically necessary. So, we've sort of compromised...we're going to wait to find out until 25 or even 30 weeks. And then we're, somehow, going to ask for just a quick u/s. Find that out, and move on. I don't want to know anything else. Which might mean that we have to go to one of those u/s boutiques...which I LOATHE...idk, exactly. I will discuss it with the midwives tomorrow.
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I think we'll probably find out. Our first 3 were surprises. It was fun but I preferred finding out like we did with the next 2. The older kids liked knowing who was coming. And if we mange to get a girl this time, we'll need some winter girl clothes. My only DD was bornin the summer and I have nothing except sundresses and onsies in NB and 0-3 month sizes.
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We are not going to find out the sex. My SO could probably have gone either way quite happily, but I really feel strongly that this creature will spend the rest of its life having to live up to gender norms and expectations (or struggling against them) and I would like to give it just a brief nine month reprieve from that.

And to be honest, I'm giving *myself* a reprieve from it too. I can't believe I've already had to have a discussion with a family-member-in-law about whether or not infants "KNOW" what type of gendered clothing they are wearing!? Seriously. Person in question claims a child with a penis will know and somehow be disturbed or harmed by being dressed in a dress. Holy crap.

Maybe I just have too many trans/queer/non-gender conforming friends... because I am sometimes appalled at the things people think/say.

After all, when it comes right down to it, you can find out what variety of genitals your child-in-utero has, but you have no way of knowing what their gender identity will be!

On a practical note, for those of us who fall into the gender-neutral part of the spectrum, not knowing means you may avoid being gifted all those horrendously stereotypically gendered pink princess or camo GI Joe outfits.
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