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Are you obsessed with you're diaper bag?

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Are you on the search for the perfect diaper bag, just like you are for the perfect diaper? Have you found it?

It seems to me that I have a limitless supply of gorgeous diapers to obsess over... but I can't ever find a diaper bag that is calling my name.

I really want to find the Ultimate bag so that someday I can put the Ultimate diaper in it. :LOL :LOL
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I love my diaper bag. Seriously. I *love* it.

I was convinced it was so stylish, that it really didn't even LOOK like a diaper bag. I went to Costco sansSailor the other day and the checker told me to grab my "purse, oh, I mean diaper bag out of the cart so he could switch me to another cart. I was crushed. There wasn't even a diaper peeking out of it.

I still proudly carry it around though, even if my dd isn't with me. I love my bag and it needs to be shared with the world. :LOL
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I love my lands end backpack!
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I am so right there with you. I've bought at least 6 or 7 diaper bags in the last year and none of them have done it for me. I considered ordering a custom Happy Tushies but didn't because I never know what to get on a custom order. I'm like you, when I find it (see it) I'll know it (it'll call my name). But that's a bit hard when shopping online (which is the only mall I frequent these days :LOL).

I used to obsess over handbags like this. I've had plenty that I liked alot but I don't know if I have ever found the perfect one.
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Kira! What bag is it??

I'm on the hunt too.. I just haven't found the *right* one! If www.tykie.cutsie.net had a diaper bag in the african wet bag print I might have had to say yes! lol

*Fixed link*
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Oh woops. :LOL I guess it wouldn't hurt to identify the bag!

I got it from fluffymail.com actually. It's the Sydney dragonfly bag. I've only had it a couple of weeks and I LOVE it.

(did I mention I love it??)

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Jenn, that link goes to a car parts store:
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What's a Cat's Whiskers bag? Are they sold anywhere besides fluffymail.com? You're going to make me go back there and get one, aren't you?
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Originally posted by mythreebees
Jenn, that link goes to a car parts store:
Oops! lol www.tykie.cutsie.net
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Cats Whiskers = Sydney and Emma bags. I can't recall the maker's name but she's not one of the main FM gals, they're just selling her stuff.

I tried to find a website for perhaps a *real* purse or luggage or something else I could by but I was unsuccessful. I guess I should just ask Carli. lol
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Oh and I forgot to say -----> you know you want one Jen!
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Yes, I have 2 in dipes (soon 3, blech), and I can't find anything roomy and easy to keep organized. I have a Sally Spicer and don't like it, it gets all jumbly inside. I have a Fleurville Mothership coming and am hoping that will work out better, it has a lot of compartments inside and it's huge. I also like the bags at I'm Still Me, they're kind of Sally Spicerish, but it looks like there's more compartments inside, and I like that you can order a coordinating changing pad and wet bad and pouch for mama stuff. I am also considering getting a Lands End bag since they are inexpensive and have lots of compartments, plus dh might prefer that to the purple swirl Fleurville bag. :LOL
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Oh those are nice... I really like the African print one. Do you know anyone who has one. I need a review.
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I asked my DH for a Fleurville (in orange corduroy) for Valentines day but changed my mind. I feared I wouldn't like it and that's a whole lotta $$ for me to put it in the closet with the others.
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I have 1 instock in my store if you are interested in seeing it. It is a black messenger style bag with cheetah print inner, matching pul wet bag, black mama bag, matching changing pad. The Wet bag and mama bag are both detachable and zippered.
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I bought my first fluffmail.com diaper back in November (maybe early December? ) and I remember wanting the red, white and black Emma diaper bag way back then but I couldn't see myself spending $50! lol That was also a time in my life when I wouldn't pay $100 for a soaker! lol

Times have changed and so must I! On at least three seperate occasions I've looked at that diaper bag and drooled.. thinking hard about it. I'm shocked it's stayed there the whole time but it has! I asked Dan two weeks ago if I could have it and sent pictures to my mom (who really liked it) and the consensus was yes but I was still afraid.

So.. tonight I asked again and Dan said yes after coming and looking at it. It's mine now! lol I can't wait to get it! I hate the plastic and free Enfamil diaper bag I've been carrying around! :LOL

Thanks Kira!
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How about designing your own bag at http://www.ella-bags.com/. I've gone there at least 10 times, built my own bag, couldn't decide if I'd made the perfect bag, got frustrated and gave up! I swear I will get a bag one of these days! :LOL
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WTG, you deserve it Jen!

And yes, I paid $59.95 for my Sydney bag and although it was rather large amount for my budget, I feel like the bag is worth all that and more. I am certain that the labor that went into constructing the bag was somewhat enormous.
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I can't recall the maker's name but she's not one of the main FM gals, they're just selling her stuff.
Its actually Amy's mother(keeping it in the family :LOL) - she is just such an amazing seamstress it we couldnt resist begging for her help
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Well it sounds like it paid off! Talent runs in the family. My FCB fitted was made by Amy and it was exceptionally well made!

*sigh* I've spent the last 5 minutes staring at "my" diaper bag! lol
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