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Are you obsessed with you're diaper bag? - Page 4

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How big would you say it is? 2/3 of the Mothership? This thread is going to be bad for my wallet.
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Yep, that sounds about right. I only saw it once a few weeks ago, so don't sue me if i'm remembering wrong. :LOL But I remember it still being roomy, so I think it is a little bigger than half the size of the Motherhsip, 2/3 the size may be about right. Fleurville has some awesome new fabrics.
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I found this page with photos of it actually being carried. That woman looks thin, but it still looks very enormous. Maybe I should wait and get it when I have a second kid and possibly have two in diapers. (But I want it noooooowwww.) Life is tough.
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I love my I'm Still Me bag
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not just diaper bags...

I am a bag-aholic. My DH just shakes his head at me and laughs. He doesn't truly understand why I would need yet another bag for a diaper bag (to use with our first...due in 3 wks) when I have so many tote type bags that will work.

I've gone over and over in my head...and online...about which bag to buy. I even ordered fabric swatches from Lands End so I could match my wet bag from Happy Tushies. How pathetic is that?

I think the Lands End Deluxe Backpack is what we'll go with...in orange. Even though I LOVE those Fleurville bags. I just can't justify the price.

I would love for someone to compare the Fleurville to the Lands End back in function...to make my decision easier! Glad to know I'm not the only crazy "bag lady"!

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