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weight loss while breastfeeding

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I had blood pressure problems at the very end of my pregnancy and postpartum. I also had supply issues where we had to supplement because I wasn't making even half an ounce of milk at a time. My bp is now more normal and we're about 95% breast milk. I've been doing weight watchers which has been working for me. I've lost weight but slowly enough that I'm not seeing any effect in supply. They take into account the extra calories you need for nursing and focus a lot on eating fruits, veggies, lean protein, etc. as well as being active. You don't have to go to meetings since they have an online forum and such. I thought I would hate the meetings but they aren't bad if you can find a good leader. I hope that helps.
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I have friends that do WW while nursing, these are the same that would use it not-nursing also. For myself, WW is just not my thing.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the most important thing for me to remember is to eat ENOUGH. If I cut back too much, my body will not let me lose weight, even though I have plenty to lose. also I try to do some moderate activity every day. The weight is coming off slowly, but the number on the scale is going DOWN! yay! I am 6 months PP now and have breastfed the whole time, and I have lost 28 lbs - which is 3 more than I gained while pregnant. I have a long way to go yet before a truly "healthy" weight, but I think slow and steady will win it.

I only notice a slight drop in supply during my period, which is completely normal. it returned at 4 months PP. I think just as important as calories is drinking enough fluids. You can always consider adding fenugreek or a mother's milk tea to help boost supply.
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I'm just coming off the tail end of a yucky stomach bug, and I haven't eaten much of anything for a few days, but my milk supply has been fine throughout the sickness. WW was recommended to me by several people too. Also, exercising 1hr/day. The people who recommend it usually do stroller walks a few times a day. When my baby was smaller, I could park him in the bouncy or jumper and do a video or Wii, but he won't stand for it anymore.
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Have you considered trying the primal blueprint, paleo style lifestyle? Google primal blueprint for more info.
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Have you tried acupuncture for your BP? I don't have chronic hypertension, but it did take a few months for my BP to get back to my normal after preeclampsia. Within 3 sessions of acupuncture, my blood pressure went from 120s/80s to my normal of 100s/60s, and has stayed there even though I haven't been back in a couple of months.

Acupuncture can also help with weight loss, or so I've heard. It hasn't worked for me, but I have been stress eating like crazy for months, and haven't gained while bf'ing.
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Some good advice, thanks!!
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the livestrong.com website has very detailed advice... I am pretty sure you will be OK with "reasonable" weight loss while nursing. I am not sure exactly what the target per week would be, though.
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Usually you are ok with losing 1-2 pounds a week. I would just slowly decrease your calories in and slowly increase your exercise to be safe with your supply.
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Originally Posted by sanguine_speed View Post
Oh, I don't think I was clear. I have done it all--IBCLCs, supplements, Dom, pumping, skin-to-skin, alternative medicine, SNS, thyroid testing, etc. I just want to clear up that my supply problems are pretty extreme and not something I can fix with supplements so that everyone understands what I mean and can answer weight loss questions knowing that it's pretty extreme.
Right there with you.
I really don't think moderate exercise and sensible calorie restriction will hurt your supply. Everything I've read is that a woman would have to really malnourished before it affects supply.
I wasn't trying to lose weight but ended up getting to 20 pounds under pre-pregnancy weight by my LO's first birthday just because I was walking so much and eating better than usual while on maternity leave. If anything, my supply improved over that time.
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I dont' have supply issues, but my weight has been going up, not down, the past few weeks. *sigh* I'd like to be down 15 lbs or so, at least. 20 would be ideal...
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Originally Posted by mtbmomma View Post
Have you considered trying the primal blueprint, paleo style lifestyle? Google primal blueprint for more info.
yes! a very healthy diet, great for weight loss, with no calorie restriction
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