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I'm finally a mother. - Page 2

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Perfect Starkyld!

So happy to see you celebrate the wonderful first moments of mamahood.
Hope you and Elliott have a sweet day today
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o, stark, i'm so so happy for you!! congrats on the birth of your little boy!
welcome to the world, elliott!!
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Welcome to all the wonder that is being a mama!

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Welcome to motherhood the BEST years of your life have begun!!! Congrats again momma!!
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wonderful news! congrats from your old TTC group groupie and tons of hugs send to the news family member!!!!
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Thanks everyone (and Adorkable, congratulations!!)--motherhood is awesome. I was in labor at this time a week ago and now I'm building a life with my new son. I'm still amazed that I get tohave this life.
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Welcome to the world Elliott!

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Congratulations! I'm so excited to share this next leg of the journey with you. You have been such a wonderful pregnopal.
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