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Baby turned transverse

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I had my 38 wk appt today. I was planning a home birth but mw said baby had turned transverse and sent me for ultrasound. U/s verified the transverse position.... So now what?

I'm seeing my chiro this wk, several times and am also doing moxibustion twice daily. I've heard I may have to schedule a c section if the baby doesn't turn by 39 wks (next wk) bc it's safer than going into spontaneous labour with a baby who isn't head down.

Is there a good chance that the baby will turn head down again by next wk? I'm obviously really disappointed going from an intervention-free homebirth to a planned cesaerean.

Does anyone have any btdt advice?

Thanks in advance
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Can they try and turn her? My Friend had an epidural before having this done because supposedly it's extremely painful but it was successful, they broke her water right after and she was able to have a vaginal delivery. They have to do it early before the baby gets too big. Of course I don't think this would save your home birth plan but it may save you from a c-section!
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My second was transverse at 38 weeks. Turned himself by the next appt and was born vaginally.
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Agreed that the baby can still turn. I'd do a bit more research, if you can, maybe over in Birth and Beyond, about going into labor with a baby who is not head down...I'm not sure about transverse, but with lots of other types of malpositioned babies, labor can 1. sometimes encourage them to turn and 2. Even if they don't turn a trial of labor is generally GOOD for mama and baby(hormones help stave off PPD, easier time breastfeeding, bonding, etc.)...

Good luck! Try not to worry too much. My babe was breech and we did the moxa for a few days and she totally turned. Its great stuff.
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I have been DDC lurking mostly, but am due with my second June 10th. I had my 37 week home visit last week and the midwife thought the baby was transverse, and sent me to hospital to get U/S to confirm and the U/S did confirm position. The doctor suggested an external version to turn baby or wait it out (he said nothing is 100%). I chose to have version, and there were no drugs involved, just hooked up to fetal hrm and contraction monitor before, during and after procedure. It was VERY uncomfortable- but it worked. Baby is still moving a lot, so not very confident that it will stick...I will do it again tho to avoid a c-section.
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I feel your little one can still turn, just think of how LO turned to transverse it can deff. turn back. My MW said that she has had mamas with breech babies and they turn during labor. There is time. Just try not to worry to much.
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