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Pregnancy dreams?

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I had my first pregnancy dream last night. I dreamed that I was getting ready for work and was very distracted. I finally got to work, and all day I felt a heaviness at my os, like I felt when I was about to deliver my DD's placenta or when I was about to pass a really big blood clot. I got home that afternoon, and my placenta fell out onto the ground as I was walking up the driveway. It was completely bloodless. I picked it up and started to panic, because how would the baby survive without the placenta? When I got inside the garage, I looked down and saw my pregnant uterus laying on the floor. It had fallen out as well, that morning. It was also completely bloodless, like the pictures you see of organs in medical textbooks, from cadavers. I cut open my own uterus (!!), and the baby was inside, still alive. I was so relieved. I remember thinking before I woke up (in horror) that this couldn't possibly be really happening because there is no way the baby could have lived all day on the garage floor inside my uterus.

So ... yeah. Gross and disturbing. I dreamed I lost my reproductive organs, gave myself a cesarean, and baby survived.

Anybody else?
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Me too!

Pirogi, what a crazy dream!

Last night I dreamed that I was 42 weeks pg and my midwife had given me like 5 minutes to go into labor or else she was going to induce me. I was working on something or other, and then when I looked at the clock, it was 15 minutes past that deadline. But dh and I leave the midwife's office without an induction (not sure why?) and in the car I start having contractions, in ridiculous fast waves... they lasted about a second and were less than a second apart. (!!!)

So it's pretty clear to me why I had this dream... DD was born at 42 weeks after I was "induced" by membrane sweeping, and the contractions were never less than 10 minutes apart until my midwife broke my water after 20-some hours of labor.

Now, I totally think my mw did the right thing with both of those interventions, but I still have this feeling that my body doesn't know how to go into labor or to be in labor. With my daughter, I never started labor on my own, and I never had "active labor" by the textbook definition.

So yeah... my biggest hope with this baby is that I can go into labor on my own, and that I will have genuine active labor that is effective... and oh, yeah -- PLEASE OH PLEASE NO BACK LABOR.
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Uhm...I"ve been having sex dreams
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Wow, you guys have really intense, detailed dreams! Mine mainly consist of symbolism. Before I got my BFP my AF was already 1 week late. I kept telling myself that there was no way I could be pg, that AF was just late. Then I dreamt that I was using an oven, and the only other time I've had a dream of an oven was when I was pg with DS. That convinced me to take a HPT. I continued to have dreams of ovens and baking buns. Last night I had a disturbing dream: I was nine weeks pg and noticed blood when I used the bathroom, and started crying. I miscarried last time so I always look for blood when I use the restroom. I sure hope that was just an anxiety dream and not prophetic
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I've had several that DH was dead.

Last time, I kept dreaming that I had killed him, so these accidental deaths are an improvement!

And ditto on the sex dreams. But no desire when I'm awake.
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Originally Posted by MommaMoo View Post
I sure hope that was just an anxiety dream and not prophetic
Yeah me too.
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Throughout my 1st pregnancy with DD i had some CRAAAZZZYY! dreams. This time I am having them again. I had a dream a few times that I was prego before my BFP. They are crazy and they keep me up at night. I dont feel as rested as normal when I dream.
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I barely ever remember my dreams, but last week I had a dream that I had an early ultrasound that dated me at 7 weeks, 2 days and I could already tell it was a boy! (I have 3 boys) LOL! Crazy!
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The other night I dreamed that my baby was born, but he was too big and none of the diapers fit. I was in a panic, so I put him on the toilet and he pooped right away, then I stood him up beside the toilet so I could wipe his bum. LOL. Can't explain...
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Crazy, ladies! I have super vivid dreams anyway... In fact I am kinda into lucid dreaming and astral projection. Big believer in the power of dreams. I had all kinds of bizarre dreams with my prior pregnancies. In fact, with my daughter, shortly before I found out I was preg I had a dream that I gave birth to a sleek white cat. She certainly is a little animal. The other day when I went to get the pregnancy test, I took a nap when I got home. Figured I'd wait for my whiz to build up so that I could pee enough. *haha* While I was napping I dreamed that I took the test and watched it turn positive in my hand. Sure enough, I woke up and took the test... As soon as I lifted it up, maybe within half a second, the plus sign was turning across the first window... It was positive before the indicator line even showed up in the second window a moment later! Wait three minutes my eye.
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I've been having strange dreams but no pregnancy dreams. I did dream last night that I was back in high school but didn't want to tell my friends I was pregnant because I was afraid they wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore. :-/
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Wow! Those are some crazy dreams! I have only had one pregnancy related dream throughout my 4 previous pregnancies. All I remember was it was a girl and I ended up having a girl.

I've been dreaming about Lost every night since the finale though. When I watch Fringe I dream about that too. Maybe I should go see the movie Babies then.
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I had some sex dreams last night!!! WOAH it was CRAZY. Seriously...if my husband only knew...It was some Girl on Girl...
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OMG let me see if I can remember last night's....

I was with my family (no DH in the picture) and we were at the airport. We were dropping dad off to visit family and then we were going to pack and leave the next day. I got lost at one point and when I found my way back my parents were furious...because we were going to miss the plane. Apparently, the whole "drop dad off" was a lie and we were all going that day. But, I hadn't packed so I was pissed. The "plane" was actually the inside of a bookstore (so I was okay on that front)...Fast forward (everything is blurry to this point) and I'm at my Aunt's house and we're supposed to be getting ready for this formal thing...in 10mins. I'm upset because I have no nice clothes, my hair is a wreck, and I didn't pack my makeup...

Just weird.
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Originally Posted by MamaBerardi View Post
I had some sex dreams last night!!! WOAH it was CRAZY. Seriously...if my husband only knew...It was some Girl on Girl...

Originally Posted by StrongBeliever View Post
Crazy, ladies! I have super vivid dreams anyway... In fact I am kinda into lucid dreaming and astral projection. Big believer in the power of dreams. I had all kinds of bizarre dreams with my prior pregnancies.
Me too, all of the above. With my first pregnancy I would have craaaazy things happen. Like, one night I had a very vivid dream about a man highjacking a car, going on a police chase, running away from the car into a neighborhood, breaking into a house, and holding a man in the house hostage at gunpoint. I woke up from this dream and called my husband to tell him, and he was like, lock the doors! Everything I had dreamed about had just happened in the city that morning, and the guy was in a house not too far from mine! *twilight zone music*
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These are too funny!! I had a dream last night that was so vivid that I met another guy and we totally fell in love at 1st sight and exchanged info he said he loved kids so it was not prob that I had 1 and 1 on the way, and my mom and my older sis were there egging me on. It was so bizaar, he was really tall and thin... I woke up @ 1:30 and couldn't stop thinking about it. Crazy, I love my poor DH so much and feel so bad having a dream like that... oh well!
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I'm also having lots of sex dreams. Too bad I can't stop gagging when I'm awake.

I've also been having really vivid nightmares. Last night I had a dream that a neighbor of mine went crazy and was breaking into everyone's houses with a shotgun shooting everyone. Totally disturbing. I couldn't go back to sleep for hours because DH was at work. Although I guess he couldn't really stop a shotgun wielding lunatic.
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I find that my dreams while pg are typially very very vivid even if they have nothing to do w/ babies or pregnancy.
I have been trying to figure out a bike rack for our vehicle and most don't fit and we don't have money. I usually just put them in the trunk but we will be traveling some this summer and the trunk will be full. I want to take the kids bikes everywhere so they will actually learn how to ride. anyways I was kind of at a lost.
Last night I dreamed I went into my garage. Climed upto the top moved a whole bunch of boxes and found an old bike rack that I had used on my saturn. (the saturn is definately a different size and type of car than our current dodge sprinter) Anyways, In my dream I dug it out and loosened the straps all of the way and rigged it up on my sprinter. So I had a min. this morning and climbed up in the garage and what do ya know behind a bunch of boxes was my old bike rack I pulled it out and the straps loosened a whole bunch. I rigged it up on my sprinter and it fits awesome. Don't know if the kids bikes will fit on it well as I didn't dream about that part. I just thought it was so funny that the dream was so real and then i was able to use the info.
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