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my two boys are not circed...no issues here

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5 months old and not a problem. smile.gif
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My six and a half year old son has never had a single problem, not even diaper rash, with his intact penis thumb.gif.

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Please let's keep the thread on-topic. Restoration is beyond the scope of the topics discussed in TCAC forum. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Now back to the topic of being problem-free! 

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DS is 6 months old and not only have we never had a problem we also are surrounded with circed little guys with loads of problems from hidden penises to numerous 'revision' surgeries. Our pediatrician has been great too!!

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I have a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old intact boys and none of them have ever had a single problem. I also have a circ'ed dh who is restoring :)

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The in tact males in my life are 21 mos and 38 years.  No problems for either one of them.

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Four intact boys, ages 1 to 6.5, and never a single problem.

In addition, each of them *loves* his foreskin. Not that they've told me, but ... it's obvious to those who bathe/change/wipe them!! winky.gif

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15 months, no problem!
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5 years old, never a problem :)

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7 years old.  Systemic yeast infection at about 6 months old--a week of monistat and nystatin cleared that up.  But, that could happen with girls or circ'd boys.  No other issues in the boy parts department.

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Intact DH, BIL & FIL, no real problems.


My DH is 37, and he was told back in the day that he needed to slowly work on retracting it. So I guess he'd pulled the foreskin back a lot in baths & such - this started around age 5 or 6, so he recalls. He says he remembers a lot of pain during these times. :(  Also, he hadn't *FULLY* retracted it & was "manipulating" it ;) around age 11-12 and managed to rip it (!!) the rest of the way & bled profusely & freaked himself out and had to tell his mom so he told her he ran into the door with an erection. *giggle*  Poor kid!!


Other than that, it's been totally fine, and I've been with him for 14 years. We *did* play "pass the yeast infection" a few times until we caught on that he was giving it back to me, but I guess that can happen with cut men too? So may not be an intact issue at all.


While he's not the first intact partner I've had, he's the first one I really experienced "intact sex" with (condoms previously) & I enjoy it a lot more (& it's not *totally* him, because when we first got together we used condoms, so I know the difference! *LOL*). Lube is still a good idea, though! *blush*


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16 total years of parenting, never a hint of a shadow of a threat of an idea of a problem.

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almost 15 year old intact DS has never had a problem.


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4yr old son, never has had a problem.

Hmm, imagine that, a natural penis not causing problems. 

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My son is only 5 and he has had no problems!  :)  I could not be happier about our choice to leave him intact!

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I'm a nurse and work with the elderly.  Out of the elderly penises I have met only one had tight foreskin.  All the others had healthy elastic foreskin and no issues with hygene or infections.

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1 year, no problems!

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My dad is 51, my brother is 10, my cousins are 25 and 20, my son is 19 months, all intact, never had any problems!

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Almost 8.5, no problems whatsoever. :)


He had surgery to correct inguinal hernias when he was three months old, and the head of pediatric urology for The Children's Hospital in Denver, an older gentleman, pretty much told me "Don't worry, that's how they're supposed to be, no one will do that to him here!" in response to my concerns that other less educated staff members might retract or even circ him during the surgery, having read some horror stories of little boys getting circ'd by "well-meaning" docs during other surgeries.

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