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Holy Acne Batman!!!

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You know, I've never had skin to brag about, but this is crazy!! Granted, I had it with DD Willow for a good four months and even though we lost Ivy at 20 weeks gestation I had it almost that whole time with her too. With Willow once it cleared I had GREAT skin right up until she was about 11 months old and I got my first period after she was born. It was wonderful!! So yeah, I'm at 11wks today and I'm so hoping that this starts to clear soon like before. And since I HATE wearing makeup it kinda sucks to go out right now. Anyone else?! I so can't be the only one.
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ME TOO. I hate it so much...but you've given me hope that mine will clear up eventually too!
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Sigh, I know. Every time m face clears up a new batch crops up. Seriously, my skin looked better when I was a teenager.
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I have acne and "backne" (acne on my back ) and shoulders. I don't have the best skin either, but years of being on the pill fooled me into thinking I did...since I had DD, I haven't gone back on BCPs and my skin has been a little sketchy since I was preg with her...I can't get over the irony of acne and wrinkles, which I think will be my future (no wrinkles yet, but...) maybe ppl will think I'm a teen mom??
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I was JUST coming on here to start a thread about my own face when I saw this! I am so frustrated. I have never had glorious skin either but I don't think it has ever been as bad as it is now. I have it on my back too- YUCK!

I don't know what to do and really can't do much, but I'm wondering if it will go away later in pregnancy? I always envisioned myself being this beautiful, glowing, blissful pregnant woman and all I want to do is hide under a paper bag. Not quite the bliss I was envisioning....

And I hate to be so vain, as I'm sure this will all be worth it when my baby is born, but summer is pretty much here and the thought of caking on the makeup in 95 degree weather to go out in public makes me depressed. Sigh.
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Knocking on wood here. I'm doing okay this time. But with my first I broke out horribly in the first trimester. It evened out after that and I stayed remarkably clear until around 14 months pp which is just after my cycle came back. I had pretty decent skin when I was on the pill for years but I stayed off it and I dealt with a number of months of bad break outs while my cycle was regulating. It has been decent but not great for the last year or so now since. I've been getting one or two a month and it seems to be holding in that pattern now. So hopefully it stays that way. Cause it was not fun breaking out so much with my first.
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This is one thing that actually isn't bothering me because I've always had acne. I don't even notice unless its a pretty painful pimple. Of course with my family history I'll have acne until probably after menopause, lol.
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Mine was/is awful with both pregnancies...I know I'm vain in this respect, but I was embarrassed to go out in public!

For what it's worth, my mw recommended benzoyl peroxide over anything with s. acid., so I use these wipes with peroxide, and they really help.
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me too!! I never get the "glow" - instead I get "oil slick". so attractive

although this time, I'm so happy to have symptoms, I'll take it
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Me too! clears up for a couple days then right back raging...benzoyl hmm?
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i have had good luck using the 'zeno' on problem acne. its a heat treatment that usually takes care of a bad pimple within a day or two. and there are no chemicals involved. might be worth considering.
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Sigh. Well, it looks like we're all in this together. Of course the Ohio humidity isn't helping me right now either. And it seems that when I'm pregnancy I get more of the really deep, really painful and red spots. Ouch!! I really do think the Tea Tree Oil soap does help a bit though. I use the Dr. Bronner's TTO liquid castile soap on my face and have for a long time. Since TTO has natural antiseptic properties it just seem to give a little leg up. And TTO is on the "safe" list for pregnancy which is great. Other than that I use the soap we make here. My acne is so hormone related it's uncanny. Like I said, with DD Willow I had it terribly up until I was about 4 months pregnant with her then my skin cleared up perfectly and stayed that way until she was 11 months old and my monthly cycle returned. I'm just hoping that's the case again this time!! It gives me hope...
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I seem to get the deep ones too I also use a TTO based face wash and I think it helps a lot. It def. feels tingly and good when I put it on. Luckily, the pimples clear up pretty quickly, but more follow shortly after.

I just bought some TTO face wipes to use mid-day because it is hot and humid here and I am looking shiny.
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