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*waves* Chinese/American blended family here!

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New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a new mother to a precious 4 month old baby girl and I'm married to my husband of 8 years now. He is from Taiwan and I am from the US. Our relationship has always been great but we've had some struggles with the "in-laws." My parents were very accepting right away of DH but his parents...not so much of me. LOL They are extremely traditional Chinese and it was a long road for us to finally come together.

Happily I'm able to report that now things are great!

I think having a grand baby opened their eyes and made them realize what they would miss out on if they didn't try to get to know me.

Anyways- that's a very brief rundown of my life. I hope to meet some more wonderful blended families here!
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Korean/American with a four month old boy waves back :-)

Grandchildren can bring out the best (or at least *better) in folks. Glad things are going well now. Hopefully our son will have a chance to meet all four grandparents. I only knew one myself (grandmother on mom's side). They all live on the East Coast and we're on the left coast (SF Bay), but he's met his grandmother on his mom's side already (we have a language barrier but she is nice to me), and aunt (who is super cool and I'm really glad I got to know myself).

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Producing 2 grandsons completely changed my status in my IL's eyes (it also helped that I changed my last name and quit my career to take care of our kids). I'm white & my DH was born in Taiwan, but thoroughly Americanized. One thing that I've really enjoyed about Chinese culture is the way young children are embraced and celebrated...a young child can do no wrong as far as my IL's are concerned! The oldest person of course has the highest status in a Chinese family, but the youngest person is absolutely adored.
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My DH is French Canadian, and I am of Chinese origin, born and raised in Toronto. We have 3 darlings that always manage to put a smile on their Chinese and French-Canadian grandpas
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HI! I'm new too. I'm actually getting a head start on things since I'm not even married yet. But I'm marrying the most amazing man in December (in Taipei) and April (in Atlanta). He was born in Taiwan, came to American when he was 10, and is now fully Americanized. I'm working on getting more Asianized. Mandarin lessons are very slowly coming along...

My "biological clock" is ticking so loud right now. We are both looking forward to having beautiful mixed babies starting 9 months after our American wedding. I agree that grandbabies will help all sets of IL's involved, though they are all fairly accepting of our situation.

I'll be looking for good bilingual advice soon, but for now wanted to say hi to other mixed Asian-American families. Any pre-pregnancy advice for now? I'm trying to get in better shape and am cleansing regularly, but this is the first active step I've taken to planning a healthy pregnancy. Thank you!
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Grand children don't always make matters better. MIL was pretty good about the whole thing till DS was born and was very pale with light reddish brown hair.
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to our forum!!!
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