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any luck with nail polish?

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I read horrible reviews of the Honeybee line, so I'm not going to try that. Has anyone tried the Suncoat Naturals?
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I read mixed reviews of honeybee, so I decided to try it. I got one that was 'peel off' for my 5yr old DD and a regular one for myself. The peel off obviously comes off very easily, but the up side is that for a kid, there is no remover required, and by the time the novelty wears off, so has the nail polish.

The regular kind doesn't stay on that great either, compared to regular nail polish, but it just means you would have to touch it up and/or re-apply more often. It was nice that there was practically no smell at all.

I also have a bottle of 'No Miss', which I had bought at my local HFS, which is labelled as toulene and formeldahyde free, but there is still the distinct nail polish smell. It does work really well and stays on for a long timie. It isn't listed on the skindeep website, but I've just input the ingredients from the No Miss site: http://www.nomiss.com/nailpolish.html and the skindeep site rated it as a conditional '2'.

FWIW, I only ever use nail polish on my toes and not my fingers, so they are not constantly being washed 20 times a day like they would be for hands.

ETA - I'm not sure if the ingredients listed on the No Miss site and complete, or only the 'new and improved' ingredients - it seems vague to me.
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I also usually only wear it on my toes. I guess you have to be one of those high maintenance women to wear it on your fingernails. My hands take too much of a beating: constant washing due to changing diapers and preparing food, house cleaning, etc.
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I've tried Suncoat and didn't love it. It took several coats for it not to look streaky, and once it started chipping and I wanted to take it off it wouldn't budge. The Suncoat Nail Polish Remover doesn't work at all IME. I wound up going out and buying regular acetone remover and used a combo of that and some heavy duty scraping to get the polish off.

I'm thinking about trying a bottle of Polished Mama Nail Enamel since my dd is obsessed with all things girly and desperately wants her toe nails painted.
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I tried the Acquarella nail polish, which is ranked a 1 on EWG's site. It has lots of "prep" work, like buffing and doing a few days of clear polish to "hydrate" your nails. Don't know if these steps are really necessary. I followed their directions, though, as we were letting DD paint her nails for the first time for her ballet recital. We had a light pink and it was perfect for her. Stayed on fine for a few days. I noted a significant smudging on the polish on my nails when I used alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This polish is very expensive and takes some effort to remove (used their remover), but it was worth it for us! DD's nails were as pink as her tutu for recital; now we'll see if she can convince her dad to let her wear it again before she's 16!!
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Zoya is supposed to be really good. Its mail order only though.
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Originally Posted by celerydunk View Post
Zoya is supposed to be really good. Its mail order only though.

They sell Zoya at my local Whole Foods. Haven't tried it, though.
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What about the Nicole line of polishes by OPI? I get them at Target and other grocery / drug stores.
From their site:
Nicole Nail Lacquers are free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.
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My cousin actually recommended Zoya, she and her bridesmaids used it for her recent wedding and it looked really good! Nice colours and she said it applied really well too.
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my kids use Piggie Paints - happy with them.
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I use Sula Paint and Peel. I really love the colors. It basically smells like elmer's glue, goes on like elmer's glue and comes off like glue. It doesn't really last more than a day without starting to peel, though. But I just touch it up and within a couple of days I'm peeling it anyway, it's too tempting.


I second the peel kind of polish for kids, too.

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We do Piggy Paints here, but we don't do hands...just toes because of wear and tear :)



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Actuallly, the following nail polishes are and can be purchased at the drug store and no animal testing Big 3 Free, No Formaldehyde Resin, No Camphor – Revlon and Sinful Colors (at Walgreen's and some CVS). Zoya is available online and at select hair/nail salons. 


Other nails polishes Big 3 Free, No Formaldehyde Resin are Wet and Wild, NYC Colors, Nailtini (except Vodka), and Orly.


The difference with Honeybee Gardens and Suncoat is water based and no Ethyl Acetate.

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I have a bottle of Polished Mama that I like.

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