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the bucket seat on the umbrella stroller bugs me... it doesnt seem safe... but then again, it also makes me wonder why i havent ever seen anyone do it like that before, lol
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Maybe I'm totally off, but to me that contraption looked like a frame to hold a carseat, not an actual umbrella stroller.

I'm finding I have a hard time enjoying the show because all I can think of is what people are going to criticize.

But I did like the last episode. A little more "daily life" and less travelling.
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I'm watching the episode where they have the Bontragers over for dinner. Jim Bob and Michelle just called everyone in to the kitchen to make an announcement. I felt bad, but I was so relieved when the Production Assistant was expecting instead of the Duggars.
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Originally Posted by justKate View Post
I think you're referring to the differense between lactose and cow's milk protiens, which obviously can be eliminated through diet changes. I was curious about the same thing but since she's a micropreemie maybe lactose intolerant is correct. I can't imagine that Michelle would give up BFing unless it was truly necessary, especially after all that pumping.
I don't think being a micro preemie changes how you digest mother's milk. They do have a lot of digestive issues, for sure. My daughter never pooped and was always throwing up. But I don't know what we would have done if I couldn't give her breastmilk. Until she was 18 months, it was literally one of the only things she could tolerate well. But for all the babies Michelle has breastfed, she's never managed to do one for very long. Her supply seems to dry up around 6 months... though usually because she's pregnant again. It's so sad for her that she worked so hard to pump all that milk and she can't use it. I'm glad she can donate it because there is nothing worse that dropping hundreds of ounces of milk in the dumpster.
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Did I miss somewhere - is Anna pregnant with #2? Just curious.
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I havnt watched last nights episode yet but they havnt announced any new pg's in the family as of last week. Michelle did announce that one of the sound men I think it was, wife is pg though.
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Is anyone still watching?

Looks like Michelle had to have her gallbladder out. I am glad, one less thing to worry about down the road.
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OK, Mamas, I am going to unrestrict you. Please feel free to start a new thread. All the rules at the beginning of this thread still apply. I'm actually hoping to have them stickified before the babies come.
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Do we keep posting here or are you gonna shut this one down and start a new one for the fall season.
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You can go ahead and start a new one.
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Okie dokie
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Is the show still on? I haven't seen anything, not even reruns anywhere. TLC still says Tuesdays at 9pm, but its been replaced w/another show.

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I think we're in reruns now for awhile.  Then probably new stuff will start up in May? No idea exactly when.

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I thought I had heard there would be new episodes in February. I could be imagining it though.
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Yes, new episodes coming up soon.

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I watch the Duggars and feel like a bad mom,lol  really, she is so calm. Can't imagine her ever raising her voice. I like to think i am like that!  I try :)  

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New Episode is Monday, January 24th.  Beginning of Season 5.


And they're baiting the whole is Michelle pregnant again thing....


"Jesssa's turning 18 and her 18 brothers and sisters, along with Michelle and Jim Bob, have a very special celebration planned, complete with a shooting range and skydiving. But when Michelle takes a pregnancy test, will she be able to join in on the fun?"

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I hate that they are baiting with the pregnancy, thing.

They did show a clip of Jim Bob saying he's worried if Michelle does get preggers again.

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Yeah, it's kind of silly now, because we know she *did* go skydiving, so she wasn't preggers then.  And they haven't announced a pregnancy yet either.

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I have to admit that while I admire their openness to more children, I cannot help but think that maybe they should seriously consider to use of some sort of NFP for a while, esp after all that occurred with Josie.


The skydiving looked so fun! And I am surprised that Michelle went!  And I loved the boys' (can we still call them "the little boys"?) reaction to their mama going skydiving.

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