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stop nursing to solve this?

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I also posted on the Health and Healing board, but can use all the "help" I could get from knowledgeable mamas!

I'm at a loss of what to do. All I know is that I have a miserable 3.5 month old who is constantly uncomfortable. I'm miserable, sleep deprived, frustrated and it's negatively affecting my 2 year old DD and DH. This has to change ASAP.

I'm EB and the last thing I want to do is stop, but nursing him seems to be contributing to his issues. My baby has been incredibly gassy and has seemed uncomfortable from birth. Our pedi put him on Zantac at three weeks (DD was also diagnosed with reflux at three weeks and took til 15 months to outgrow it), but we haven't seen much improvement. If anything, symptoms have gotten worse.

So here are the symptoms. In addition to what appears to be reflux, DS is very gassy, squirmy, writhes around, wakes from sleep with what appears to be pain and cries and stiffens and arches, has very restless sleep ALL the time day or night, and he has a bit of a bumpy rash on his face that comes and goes very occasionally. Nursing has NEVER seemed to settle him like it does most babies. In fact, most times after nursing, he's wiggly and spits up a lot---just generally uncomfortable. I can recall only ONE time in the past several weeks that he was mellow at the breast and actually FELL asleep while nursing. So it short, nursing him makes me feel like crap because it appears to upset his system and I'm not feeling the great bond and emotional "high" that I did with DD.

I nursed DD for 18 months and feel heartbroken about DS and his discomfort. I don't want to put him on formula, but I'm not sure I have an ED in me to try and uncover a hidden issue. I don't eat meat and rely on dairy very much in my diet. I did try to eliminate just dairy for 10 days but didn't see any improvement, so LC that I was seeing suggested that the problem didn't lie in my diet or my milk. Pedi wants to switch to Prilosec to see if it helps, but I'm not convinced that our issue is just reflux.

Sorry for the disorganized rambling. Things just seem to be escalating and we're all getting more upset. I don't feel like I'm getting to enjoy my sweet dear's early months, nor do I feel that he's enjoying his early months. Poor little babe.

Any help/suggestions/advice is very appreciated and welcomed!
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my first thought is food allergies - if I were you I'd be starting an elimination diet yesterday. Dairy can take a lot longer than 10 days to get out of your system IMO stopping breastfeeding won't help his issues at all - I would try the prilosec and diet changes first and then look for other reasons. I just couldn't imagine that formula would be easier for him by any means than your milk
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Love and hugs to you. This must be very hard for you.

First I don't think that stopping bf'ing will change things for your little one.

I have had two babies that didn't relax bf'ing.

Please cross post in health and healing /allergies. They are a wealth of info. It may not be dairy at all. Maybe wheat. You can do testing (non invasive) so you don't have to go through the guessing and the elimination diet. Sorry gotta run.
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The symptoms you describe sound like my DD to a T. I eliminated dairy and soy, and after 2 weeks, she was like a brand new baby.
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Also, you might try a different reflux medication. Those symtoms sound like classic reflux. DD had that as well, but Zantac made her worse. We switched to Prevacid and had a new baby!
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for what it's worth, eliminating dairy is really not that hard, and i bet you will feel much better too, especially if you're really eating that much. dairy is quite addictive, because it is so fatty, but if you give it a couple weeks, you'll want it less.

replace drinking dairy milk with almond, hemp, rice or soy milks
replace cooking dairy milk/cream with coconut milk, cashew cream
replace cheese with nuts, beans (cashews, almonds and navy beans are very creamy when blended), and for a "cheesy" flavour, try nutritional yeast
there are some great non soy non dairy icecreams and desserts out there too.
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Originally Posted by SilverFish View Post

there are some great non soy non dairy icecreams and desserts out there too.
i'm soy and dairy free right now (and vegetarian). please name some of the treats you mentioned above - i'm craving dessert tofu but can't have it. thx!
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Sounds like reflux with maybe a side of food allergies. I'd eliminate milk and soy protein and definitely do something better than Zantac. Also, for my oldest, Levsin was our Godsend. It is a medicine that helps abdominal cramping and gas and until we got the milk intolerance and reflux controlled, it gave him a lot of relief.
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Originally Posted by PatioGardener View Post
i'm soy and dairy free right now (and vegetarian). please name some of the treats you mentioned above - i'm craving dessert tofu but can't have it. thx!
There's a super yummy coconut milk ice cream, Purely Decadent. They are so, so good. So Delicious makes a coconut milk ice cream too.
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I would add baby probiotics to what everyone else has suggested. We had to cut out dairy bc of reflux issues and probiotics helped with all of the gas and fussiness as well.
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As others said, dairy can take longer than 10 days to leave your system. Aside from that, are you sure you eliminated ALL dairy, not just the obvious ones? My ds reacted whenever I had anything that had the tiniest bit of dairy by product in it. I used to keep a list of all the words you'd find in ingredients lists that indicated hidden dairy, and there were tons of them. I'm sure someone on the allergy forum could pass them along to you.

Aside from that, as others have said, it could be that dairy isn't the problem, or that there is more than one problem food. Soy a big allergen, and it's in practically everything. In any case, weaning won't really help unless you figure out the source of the irritation. If it's not an allergy, he'll have the same problems on formula. If it is an allergy, until you know what he's allergic to, picking a formula would be very hard. Truely hypo-allergenic formulas are very expensive and don't tast very good.

I hope you find solution!
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Liquid zantact contains alcohol so can you imagine what that is doing to your baby who has a chronically irritated esophagus.

Check out http://www.marci-kids.com/ for help with medication and http://www.infantreflux.org/ for help with everything else.
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I found out that my daughter has a dairy allergy today. The pediatrician told me that it can take up to three weeks for dairy to get out of your system. She also told me that most babies who are allergic to dairy are also allergic to soy. Perhaps you can do an elimination diet to see what your baby is reacting to. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by haydn'smommy View Post
There's a super yummy coconut milk ice cream, Purely Decadent. They are so, so good. So Delicious makes a coconut milk ice cream too.
yep! that's the one i'm talking about. seriously the BEST icecream ever! purely decadent makes good non-dairy treats in general, but they really hit the mark with the coconut ones. there's a few different flavours.
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Have you tried nursing him upright? It may be easier in a sling or carrier, or you can try without and hold him up.
Here is a photo: http://www.taylormadeslings.com/verticalnurse.html
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