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swaddling in the heat

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Hey there everyone.

I'm looking for ideas on swaddling my babe in the heat.
I think he needs to be swaddled, or he will wake up, either that or he is just too hot? Not sure, but I do have a great swaddle blanket made from cotton, but it is kind of on the thicker side.
Last night I swaddled him in a really thin bamboo blanket that is kind of stretchy,but a little too small, as his feet were kind of sticking out the end, and when I went to check on him, the whole blanket was lifted over his face! Thankgoodness it is a very thin material. He must have wriggled out of it and flipped it over his head.
So any advice? Any swaddling blanket that you love?
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my sister gave me one of these from aden+anais

it is really lovely thin cotton muslin and I've been using it for the past few 80+ degree days. They are huge too so it easy to swaddle.
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Originally Posted by ciga View Post
my sister gave me one of these from aden+anais

it is really lovely thin cotton muslin and I've been using it for the past few 80+ degree days. They are huge too so it easy to swaddle.
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DDCC- those aden and anais blankets are wonderful. well worth the price, i think.
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If those muslin blankets are out of your price range, I would recommend the Swaddle Designs marquisette blanket. It's super thin - you can almost see through it - and very big. I love, love, love ours. I don't usually swaddle, but the few times I've done it, I did it with that blanket. It's also great for nursing in public if you want to cover up, for covering up the car seat to keep the sun out of her eyes, for covering baby to keep the mosquitoes off when you're outside in the evening, etc., etc. It's about like the muslin blankets, but a lot less expensive...and cuter, IMO.
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DDCC to say that our foster baby who stayed w/ us last summer LOVED to be swaddled to sleep (had her from 1 - 4 months of age). For nighttime, I mainly used the Kiddapotamus Swaddle Me blanket. It velcro's shut, so no getting over the face. It is regular jersey cotton, we do not have AC, & I did this even through August. I dressed her in a sleeveless onesie & that was that. She never overheated or anything, slept really well.
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Thanks for all replies. I love them all, but think I will try the swaddle designs, mainly for price reasons. We do have a much used miracle blanket, but it is much too thick, when it is really hot here.
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i just noticed that they sell aden+anais swaddlers at target in 4 packs for like $26. I might go get myself a few more
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We use these from Swaddleme, and they're only $11 (though it looks like other summer swaddlemes are only $7 at Babies R Us right now!). We use this swaddler with just a cloth diaper underneath, and that has been working well for us.

I bought those aden and anais muslin blankets too (they are beautiful!) but DD manages to wriggle out of them.
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just got a swaddleme from bru today. can't wait to try it out. ds wriggles out of miracle blanket, and is also pretty hot in it too.
i ordered the a&a muslin blankets too, but he is pretty strong and wriggly, so we'll see how they work.
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Good luck! Make sure you secure those velcro tabs on the swaddlemes *tightly*....
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well, he slept pretty well in them, and seemed comfortable. it was much cooler last night though, and he slept pretty well during the day for me too, so i am sure that it all helped with the overall nightime sleep.

i am going to get some bigger ones, a the medium are only up to 14lbs, and they seem like they are snug, which they should be, but he'll probably grow out of them quickly.

my goal is to have him sleep well at night again. he was an awesome sleeper, but this past couple of weeks has started waking lots, and not napping as well. not sure why, maybe growth spurt?
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