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An interesting memo that was forwarded to me, I thought I should share!


CBC 7:30 A.M. NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 2010

It’s a whole new way of looking at crime, education and health problems. Nationally recognized researchers will be talking to early childhood educators in the Yukon about how the right approach to raising a child could pay off in more graduates, healthier citizens and less crime. (Leonard Linklater) The concept is simple, spend more time with the child and the child will become a better person but it is complex because it requires people taking time out of their day and actually doing things with their children like reading a book and in these days of paranoia it means trusting the community to help raise the child as well. Kate Swales is helping to organize the Brains and Partnerships Workshop at Yukon College. (Swales) “It’s really about parents and communities that care for children. It’s about raising children with love.” The college has brought in guest speakers including one of the country’s leading experts in brain development Fraser Mustard. Swales says the key is brain development and she says it begins early on as kids are getting ready to head off to kindergarten. (Swales) “The solution can’t take place after that. We really need to head it off before fixing needs to take place.” Swales says if the early brain shaping takes place then it pays off down the road with healthier adults, more high school graduation and less crime.