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BumGenius Organic AIOs?

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I was looking at the Bum Genius Flips the other day, but now I'm sort of intrigued by the Organic One Size AIOs. Anyone use them? It seems that the biggest complaint about BGs is that the velcro wears...it seems like the snaps on these may make them close to perfect.

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I love the organic AIO w/snaps. It's not a pocket diaper though... but we have just one that we use when we're out
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We love that they have snaps. The only drawback we've found is that they take longer to dry, so just know that in advance and you'll be golden.
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I love them, but they are expensive and take a long time to dry. They also don't wick away the moisture from the baby as pockets do, and I haven't found them to be good for nights. We use both them and OS FB pockets.
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If you like AIO's but want a quicker drying time, some like Mommy's Touch have the soaker sewn only on 1 end and on the top of the diaper so that it flaps around in the dryer - takes about the same time to dry as a pocket diaper. Or consider switching to an AI2 - we love our SoftBums!
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We'd change our entire stash to these ifwe could!
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Originally Posted by Oliversmommy View Post
I was looking at the Bum Genius Flips the other day, but now I'm sort of intrigued by the Organic One Size AIOs. Anyone use them? It seems that the biggest complaint about BGs is that the velcro wears...it seems like the snaps on these may make them close to perfect.

It's a really great diaper for average-sized kids (thin or thick thighs will have fit issues b/c of the one-size design.) Again, it won't fit until close to 2 months old. It requires 10+ washes to reach maximum absorbency.

My favorite is the FuzziBunz one-size. It will fit from when their cord falls off, so you don't have to wait 6-8 weeks to use it. The adjustable waist and leg openings mean a perfect fit, and there are a ton of color choices.
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These are my faves! They do take longer to dry but not that much longer especially if you're used to microfiber inserts. They are SO trim and since my little one isn't a super soaker I can use them at night. Nothing to stuff, natural fibers and snaps (I don't use the velcro at all BG velcro is crap). I do think they fit best after a couple of months but I could use them at 10 pounds.
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We just got one for our 4 month old (14lbs) and LOVE it. DD isn't bothered by the wetness, in fast she gets redness when wearing pockets with fleece or suede cloth too much of the time... Very trim, good looking, great fit.

We just bought the new grovia AIO to try because it has a faster drying time. It is very similar in look and feel. Just has hip snaps rather than flaps to snap in front. We are still prepping it so I can't compare function.
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I love the BG organic AIO's with snaps. I prefer them over the BG pockets, for sure.
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Bumping this b/c I have 3 BG organics and I can't figure out why people love them so much. After only a few months of wear, they're stiff and scratchy. Am I doing something wrong? I only wash in Charlies or Country Save and mainly air-dry these but have thrown them in the dryer to see if that helps. It doesn't. I'd like to get more use out of them but they seem too rough to be putting on my little guy's tenderest parts. Help?

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I  love these diapers! I have a few fuzzibunz also but the bg organics ( aios ) are my favorite. If yours are scratchy it could be they need an extra rinse or something- it kind of sounds like soap residue. I have been using mine since my son was four months old ( skinny baby) and ours are butter soft. We use ecos free and clear, and do a cold wash then a extra hot wash, with an extra rinse. The drying time is a little longer, but they are definitely worth it I think . :) 

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I struggled with stink in my dipes at first because I have an HE front loader. But now here's my routine:


1. Delicate wash to soak them and rinse away some pee and so forth, no spin so they stay good and heavy, thus tricking machine into using more water.

2. Tiny bit of Charlies or Country Save and hot heavy duty wash, rinse, spin.

3. Pour water in to soak everything again, sanitary wash (which is a 2 hour cycle!) on super hot, no detergent.


Since establishing this routine, all of my microfiber inserts which were the main source of the stink have been totally clean post-wash. So it would seem odd to still have soap residue in the BG organics after all of this. And the idea of sending them alone through another hot cycle seems so wasteful. Thanks for your suggestion, though. :(

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The knit cotton is very dense and can hold onto residue.  BG does allow you to bleach them.  That usually softens them up.

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Does anyone have issues with rashes from the waterproof cover?  I am looking at switching back to CD'ing but am concerned with heat sensitive bottom on DS.  Thoughts?  I really like the BG organic AIO's but just concerned with this. 

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I have lots of diapers and those are my favorites!!! My dh and I are arguing over buying more if those or more of the regular BG. I want the Organic
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I have an he front loader as well- I just mentioned the soap residue because I am freak about stains and used to prescrub them with a tiny bit of detergent and then they would be a bit more stiff after drying- when I realized the sun takes stains out even better I stopped prescrubbing and they went back to being super soft ( they actually still look brand new ) :) Anyway, I dont know anything about Charlies soap cause that is not what I use. As for waste- I guess it might be ( my front loader is energy effecient though) but my son has extremely sensitive skin and I like to make sure everything is super clean so that his bum is comfy. :)

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