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I think I might bleed to death....

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I was 10 days late having a period, negative pregnancy tests, and started having a period on Tuesday. Very quickly, it got VERY heavy. I had a super tampon and 3 pads on at once and was still bleeding through it every 40 minutes. I tried to go to class yesterday, but was really lightheaded and woozy, and just went to the ER after my first class (I go to school at a huge medical university, so I was right there).

They automatically assumed I was pregnant from the moment I walked in and I sat in the waiting room, bleeding profusely for over 4 hours. Finally they took me to a room and I waited for another 4 hours, until my DH got really pissed and started demanding that somebody - ANYBODY - see me, and I started crying because I hadn't seen me kids AT ALL that day and now it was past their bedtime and I just wanted to go home, but I was scared I was bleeding too much. A doctor comes in, asks me "How far along were you?" and I tell him "I'M NOT PREGNANT" for the 50th time. He does a pelvic exam, not even an ultrasound, tells me I'm fine, that it's just a "heavy period", he thinks, and sends us on our way. Before I'm discharged, the nurse comes in and says "If your bleeding gets really heavy, like more than a pad every hour or two, come back." I was like "Are you serious? I'm HERE because I'm soaking through way more pads than that!" And she was just like "Hmm.... I don't know then."

So I'm still bleeding really heavily. I have to wear pads and tampons together, change them every hour, my bed is now soaked with blood, my hands and feet are tingly and my lips are greyish-looking. I have no idea what is going on or what to do. I think I may have had an ovarian cyst that ruptured, but all the information I found says I should have that checked out because of potentially serious outcomes. Yet the hospital was totally uninterested in checking it out. My OB is affiliated with the same hospital (the clinic is actually in the hospital) and the waiting is always just as long and the outcomes are almost always exactly the same, if I actually stay to have an appointment because of the waiting... and I don't have health insurance, so that's all I got.

So frustrated. What the heck should I do?
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If you're tingly and grey THAT'S BAD. I'd go back to the ER and raise serious hell. (Use the word "lawsuit" a few times if they still blow you off)
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i'm no expert but that really doesn't sound good at all you should demand they take you seriously
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Tell them "I'm losing this much blood (this many tampons AND pads an hour) and I can't feel my fingertips"

Do you have a fluttery feeling in your chest? If so tell them that too!
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I second the suggestion to go back to the hospital NOW. Call an ambulance if you have to, and demand that someone see you else you call a lawyer.
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Have you called your OB?

I would go back to the ER and demand help.
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I know it sucks, but you have got to get help. Back to the ER if that's what's available, or make your OB see you. That is a huge amount of blood loss and some really scary symptoms.
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Is there another hospital in your area? That all sounds really scary. It doesn't sound like they listened to you at all.
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I would go back or go somewhere else. I would be very worried.

Thinking of you and hope you are alright. Please keep us updated if you can. s
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I hope you've already gotten yourself back to ER, but I think your situation warranted a 911 call. You don't sit around waiting when you arrive by ambulance.
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hoping you are getting the medical attention you need
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Originally Posted by Vancouver Mommy View Post
I hope you've already gotten yourself back to ER, but I think your situation warranted a 911 call. You don't sit around waiting when you arrive by ambulance.

Good luck and God bless.
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go go go to the ER. insist they do an u/s and monitor your BP, pulse, etc. hope you are getting answers!
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That much bleeding is no where near normal or ok. I am shocked at how they blew you off! I really hope that you are already back at the ER mama. I'll be thinking of you and looking for an update.

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Well, I am here and the bleeding is still occurring, but less rapidly. DH is taking wonderful care of me, bringing me food and keeping me hydrated.

Now I have another huge problem, possibly related... maybe not?

At the hospital, just before the doctor (finally) came in and did the pelvic exam, I noticed a rash all over my pubic area. Like a raised, red area of skin that itched. I assumed it was from the pads, because I'd been wearing so many. Now that I am not bleeding as intensely, I switched to just tampons to relieve the horrendous itching, but the rash is NOT improving and I can not sleep at all because of this ITCHING. The skin that is affected goes from the front of the vagina (along where the pad would touch) to the butt cheeks where the pad would stop). The skin is really, really thick and raised and bright red and just, I can not even describe the itching.

I tried Cortisone 10 cream, which worked for my disastrous itching after my son was born, but it does nothing except make me sticky. I did some research online and found that you can get staph or strep Toxic Shock Syndrome that has symptoms including a sunburn-looking rash. It makes me worry that I have some sort of injury inside the uterus or ovary and have now developed TSS. Yesterday I began feeling as though I was getting sick, and I was just "Oh great... now I'm getting sick, AND bleeding profusely, AND have this rash", but that could be part of the TSS if that is something I have. The non-menstrual TSS is something that rings so familiar to me, as the itching after my son was born had the exact same time frame. It's described here: http://women.webmd.com/tc/toxic-shock-syndrome-symptoms

Another possibility is an allergy to the rayon in the pad adhesive. I know I am allergic to medical tape. Even if I just have a bandaid on for more than an hour or so, I get a rash exactly where it was (and this is really intense when I had my c-sections and had IVs and a catheter taped in). But, if it's the adhesive in the pad and now the pads are removed, why am I still itching? I cleaned the whole area off thoroughly before I went to bed, didn't put any undies or pads on, just a tampon and slept naked hoping it would help. But now it is soooooo bad.

I have no idea what to do. And DH had to go back to work today. So it's me and the three kiddies and my bleeding/rash/possible new illness.
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Have you had a pap smear lately? If not, you should have one!
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How do you feel like you are getting sick? Is there another hospital you can go to or someone else you can see?
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Call 911! Let them see you laying in the bed full of blood they will see it's serious! Can a neighbor have the kids while they take you to hospital until your husband gets home? Plz don't wait too long, this sounds really bad
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Originally Posted by writteninkursive View Post
I have no idea what to do. And DH had to go back to work today. So it's me and the three kiddies and my bleeding/rash/possible new illness.
If you are not allergic to oat - do you have any Aveeno bath? I'm thinking that sitting in a tub of that might help the itching. I get a rash if I use a pad too long, and it takes a little while to heal.
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I'm still voting for a trip to the ER
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