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Mama, that sounds like a fairly serious allergic reaction... and still lasting all these days later?!?! I think it's worth a trip to the dr to get checked out. I wonder if it's possible there's more at play than just the pads since the reaction's gotten worse but you haven't worn the pads in days.

BTW Congratulations on your marriage!

P.S. I use cloth pads and wanted to recommend Luna pads - they're awesome! Check out the Diva cup as well as a tampon alternative.
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Thanks ladies. I have always had an adhesive allergy. When I had my babies, they always use tape to keep IVs and catheters in place and I always break out in a horrible itchy rash. After last baby was born, I had it all over from the tape. I'm almost 100% certain it's the pads. I mean the initial rash (which I still have) is the exact shape of a pad.

I did let Kotex know (no, the Kotex parent company is Kimberly-Clark. Pampers is Procter & Gamble). They said it's "highly unlikely" that their products caused a reaction. Riiight. They're sending me a return envelope to send them samples of the product. They can have the whole freaking box back! Stupid Kotex U. The entire back of the pad is completely covered in adhesive (and wings), where other pads have like a small strip down the middle. I will definitely be using only tampons or will look into washable pads (Lunas... check! Thanks!). I've seen them at our organic food store, but was kind of grossed out by the idea of washing bloody pads. But hey, if it helps avoid this... sign me up! I just worry about after having the next baby... when you can't wear tampons and have to use huge pads 'cause of the clots and stuff. That would be grosssss to wash. But you do what you gotta do.

The prednisone I took this morning seems to have helped some. Still itchy and still hivey, but it almost seems like something is at work against it now. I only have one left though. I'll take it tonight before bed and hope hope hope that I'm a lot better tomorrow. If not, it's definitely a hospital visit.
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Congrats on the marriage!!

About cloth pads, I thought they were gross, but then I started using them. Bought a whole bunch over 10 years ago and they have gone through the years with me, babies and all. It is alot upfront, but never buying pads for 10 years, is so worth it. And I don't find it gross and still find time to take care of them with my super busy life. The only time I have used disposable pads is when I had my babies for about a week postpartum, but I was so glad to switch back to my cloth. When I did use pads, I only used the ones from the HFS, not sure if that means anything for being "natural".
The ones I use are gladrags.
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Yeah, I have friends who have been using cloth for years and years but I never jumped on the bandwagon cause I thought they'd be gross to deal with. But after having ds 2.5 yrs ago I finally decided to make the switch. I have a container near the toilet with a screw-on lid (it's actually a big plastic thermos from the dollar store, lol). After I change a pad I put it in the container and add enough cold water to cover it. I keep adding pads to the container throughout the day (each time adding a bit more cold water - for some reason I find it gets less gross than if I fill the whole thing with water from the get-go), and then at the end of the day I dump it in the washer, run a "rinse" cycle on cold with no soap (which pretty much gets out all the blood), and then throw in a normal load of laundry with detergent. I dry them in the dryer. The pads come out totally clean - no stains, no smell, and I've never had any staining etc issues on the rest of my laundry either.
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I do the dry method, take off pads and put in small pail with lid. I keep it under the sink. Then when the pail is full, I fill it with water and let it soak for perhaps 20 minutes. Then rinse each pad a little under running water and throw in washer. A good time for me to clean them is when I am going to be in the bathroom showering.
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