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How did your twins react to weaning?

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I have breastfed and weaned all my other 4 kids around this age and never have I gone through the things I am going through with the twins. How did weaning go for you? Anyone else have their twins throw extrem tantrums, hit, kick, pull your hair or bite you because you would not let them nurse?
I am only letting them nurse first thing in the morning and at nap time but not anymore and they are furious with me! they are used to nursing to sleep at night and it is bothering them so much but they had me up all night and I haven't slept all night in years so enough was enough. I have been trying other ways to sooth them but they still keep throwing extrem fits. I am at my wits end and need advice fast!!!!!!
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No advice here angie. I wamted to offer this

And to say HI! We talked on the phone ages ago(BTW< not with that company anymore,l eft very soon after) Anyways nice to see you here again. Hope all is well otherwise.

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They were upset. Soren was really peeved. He would crawl up to me and bite my nipple THROUGH my shirt. And I mean BITE. I just had to pull him away and hug him alot. I talked with him about it and shared my heart with him that I loved nursing him and wanted to continue but that it was time to end. I told him about 'num num cuddles' instead and after that he was a little sad but no more biting.

I feel for you mama.
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Great to hear from you Charmaine! I am so busy so I rarely get a chance to come here but when I do I feel great afterwards and I always know this is a perfect place for advice!

Hotmamacitia I feel for you! Jade has done that to me several times. Ouch!
Thanks ladies!
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maybe you can change it around? sounds like they still need to nurse to sleep right now - so maybe you could keep that one and get rid of one of the other sessions?
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We weaned very gradually and they just became fully weaned a couple of months ago (they'll be 3 next month). I used distractions, water, snacks, snuggling while playfully saying "you silly, it's not time to nurse." When they were adament about nursing, I would nurse them, though. I didn't want it to be a fight. We replaced nursing to sleep with bedtime stories...lots of them and bedtime snacks and water. Sometimes they'd fall asleep after eating and we wouldn't brush again until morning which I know is a no no. One of the girls weaned with more ease than the other. I think she would have weaned sooner had her sister not been such an avid nurser. In the middle of the night I would just repeat "you silly, it's sleepy time, not nursing time. The puppies are asleep, the horsies are asleep...etc" We kept morning nursing for a while. Eventually they only nursed at La Leche League meetings. I'd begin by telling my friends "they're all weaned" only to have them nurse before the end of the meeting, but only briefly because the flavor had changed from nursing so seldom. I think we can help with the transition, but each kid is different and responds to weaning differently and wants to go at his or her own pace no matter what we do. Good luck.
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Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts! I have to cut out the night time first because I simply was getting no rest and not having a full nights sleep and actually hardly anything to call sleep each night was taking its toll on me and my patience with my family. I honestly have not had a full nights sleep in years and in order to be there for my family I have to take care of me too and if I keep wearing myself thinner and thinner I won't be around to enjoy the fruits of my labor! So that is why I chose to cut out night nursing first. They are doing better with it but still ask each night to have it. I am going much slower then I anticipated with the whole process though. They are still nursing twice a day (early morning and nap time). I am hoping to cut one of them out soon. They are so much tougher then any of my other kids and I know it is because they have another one to mimic. It makes me feel good though to know others have been there! Thanks!
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We nightweaned at 16 months. I had to. I was becoming a monster without adequate sleep.

We moved them to cribs first because I knew they would never make it nightweaning while in bed with me. They slept in their cribs with me still night nursing them when they woke for 2 weeks.

Then dh started handling all the night waking. It was awful the first night. The second night they woke up several times and cried but only for a second (by the time he got to the room they were back asleep). The third night it was maybe 3 times, and none on the fourth. They very rarely wake up now, but if I go in there I have to nurse them, so dh does it.

Is that a possibility for you? It may not be a perfect solution, but it worked for us with minimal crying. I suggested it to dh after reading a library book that talked about nightweaning toddlers. It said basically that the only way it would work was to have dad take over.
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Thanks for the great advice but no that will not work for me. My husband works a swing shift so he works both days and nights. Plus we just moved several months ago into a much smaller old farm house and the twins have to share our room with us until we can add on. They both have toddler beds but rarely sleep in them. Of course if you tell them to they won't! Then it becomes a no win situation. It had been getting better but last night was bad! I won't give in though at night because like you I just have to have sleep! oh well I will just keep trying!
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We weaned very gradually. We are still in the process technically, though it feels like they never nurse anymore, only now and again for comfort or especially when sick. Honestly, they have been completely fine with it -- no tantrums, no tears, no indication whatsoever that they want to nurse more than they do. Sometimes I beat myself up about all the things I could have done to extend frequent nursing well into the toddler years (like keep pumping 2x/night plus 4-6x/day past 7-8 months to keep my supply up so I didn't have to supplement... like not start cow's milk at 14 months to further reduce breastmilk demand) --- but the fact is, dd and ds have truly taken it in stride and seem none the worse for wear, emotionally OR physically. I think the fact that I've never refused makes them feel comfortable since it's not being taken away from them against their will, kwim? Also, I guess you could say I've been "weaning" them for over a year, since it all started like I said when my supply dipped when I stopped pumping @ 7-8 months, and now they're 22 months old.

Hmmm gee I guess I don't have any good advice since our situation is a little different given the earlier start to weaning. But I can offer a
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We weaned the twins from nursing to sleep at night about 15 months. It was not easy but I simply told them that we "don't nurse when it is dark out". For about a week I repeated this phrase a million times every night. I got even less sleep then usual but by the weeks end I had the babies telling ME "we don't nurse when it is dark out". My twins are 2.5 at this point and my son still reminds himself occasionally that "we don't nurse when it is dark out".

We nurse about once a day at this point. Mostly for comfort and mostly my son.

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I forgot to add that while they no longer nurse after bedtime, they do still nurse about a million times a day (it went up when we nightweaned) when we are home. When we go out they get distracted and generally don't ask more than 4 times.

But I did say if they would let me sleep, I'd let them nurse until they are 30. Ok, not really, but I was really thankful!

They do that really demanding thing though when they want to nurse, pulling at my shirt and sometimes hitting me. I just say "all gone" when I am done (it seems they want to pop on and off again for hours) and get up if they hit me.
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How goes the weaning?
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