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Any single moms in Santa Cruz, CA?

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I'm wondering if there's any kind of support group for single moms in Santa Cruz. Lately it's been hard relating to my mom friends because most of them have partners.

I'd like a place to talk about helping kids with transitions, dealing with the anger and frustration of divorce, career and financial stress, etc. And most of all, I'd like dd to feel like she's not alone as a kid with divorced parents.

Anyone out there, give a holler.
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Try looking at these links:


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Possibly here too:




Family Resource Network of Santa Cruz County is a countywide network of family resource centers, 831-465-2210
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single mom santa cruz

Hi, I am a new single mom and would like to find other single mom's in the area too. I hope we can connect. I have a 3 year old son.

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hi there

hey jennifer,

my name is chesa, and my daughter's name is mina. she is 5.5 and just started kindergarten. we live in the seabright area. my schedule is kinda crazy these days getting adjusted to kindergarten and being a graduate student up at UCSC. let me know what days would be good for you to get together and we can try to figure something out.

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Hi there. Mine are 9 and 12. We're in the Monterey area, but that's not too far. I'm currently engaged, so transitioning out of the typical single mom routine...but was there for the past 7 years. We'd love to get together, and my kids are happy to be older mentors that get what they younger ones are going through. Most of our neighborhood are single parent families with younger kids, so they play that role a lot.
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hi incorrigible,
what area of monterey are you in? i'm currently seeing someone who lives in monterey. it's been kinda hard because he's younger and doesn't have kids, but i'm curious about how you're doing the transition with the new partner. (if that's not too personal to ask).

hope all is well,
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I'm in the Seaside portion of Fort Ord, like right across the street from Seaside Heights.

Slugmom...I wrote out this big long response...and realized it's not cool to hijack this thread like that...so I'm going to pop over to the relationship thread to talk about my love life. Feel free to join me over there.
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thanks, incorrigible.
and, although i've been a member of this online community for years, i'm still figuring out how to navigate it. where could i find your other thread?
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potentially newly single mom in santa cruz

I think maybe we could start ouir own lil group and have ladies night or what not. I dont have much time on the comp this moment but anymoms interested in getting together a group thing with me let me know! hooplahoops510@yahoo.com I go between willits and santa cruz frequently and am expecting in Jan. I would love extra support in my new journey realizing i want to distance myself from my current partner. I lost my opportunity to have the homebirth of my dreams because of some very unneccesarry lies he has been telling from the beginning of our relationship.; trying to come to terms with it all. Hit me up mama's
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slugmom, this is the sept dating thread. sorry it took so long to get back.

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've been a single mom for a few years and have an 8 year old daughter. I am trying to start a group/club (for playdates, hanging at the beach, surf swaps, hiking in the forest, camping, etc). Please contact me if you'd like to join. I plan on eventually making a yahoo group (something more private than say, Facebook or Meetup) and i'll post ideas, and others can feel free to post an idea, lead a hike, etc. It would be great to have other like minded single parents and kids join, especially those who love nature and the outdoors. We're in Santa Cruz. 

email me at moutysolomon@yahoo.com


Look forward to hearing from you,


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I wrote a reply yesterday, but it doesn't seem to be posted. I'm new to the forum. I am starting a group/club of single parents (so far mostly moms, but dads welcome too!) with a focus on outdoor activities such as hiking (eg wilder ranch, nisene marks, henry cowell), beach time, surfing swaps, camping (eg big basin, big sur, sierras). My daughter is almost 9 and we live in Santa Cruz. Most activities done on Saturdays, but for camping we'd obviously do a full weekend or longer. Also include shorter activities such as park playtime etc. 

Email me if interested moutysolomon@yahoo.com



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Mouty... I'm so glad you posted  :)  I'm fairly new to Santa Cruz and am so looking forward to connecting with other like-minded, single mammas!  I have three, ages 11, 9 and 7.

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It looks like a little while since anyone has posted here.  Has anyone started a single mom's meet up?  If yes, please share day(s), time, location.  Thanks!

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