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Another question...

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Hello Jamie, thank you for your responses so far. Your response on my question about my career path was so wonderful to hear and exactly what I can see myself doing. Thank you.

Another thing that's been on my mind...What do you see as far as my marriage concerned? When will this cease to be a source of discontent? And what, if anything, should I do about it? Sorry, is that more than one question?
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I am trying to figure out where exactly your source of discontent is coming from b/c it doesn't feel to me like anything is wrong with your marriage. I get the impression that your husband and yourself like and enjoy each other...that is when there is no stress. From my point of view, I actually see a lot of really good times. I see laughter and fun. As I am looking into this and typing this response it is becoming clear to me that life circumstances has made you two forget how to be kind to each other and forget how much you really like each other. But it's all service junk. Deep down you two are a really good pair. I encourage you to have some fun together to bring out that spark again. To remind you how funny he is and how much that turns you on in more ways than one! Laugh at his jokes, so he can remember how much he enjoys making you life because that turns him on in more ways than one. I see nothing wrong with your marriage. So that either means I'm way off base here, or that life is just getting in the way. As far as I can see you are a great match and a good team when you allow yourselves to be!
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