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Today.... I'm burnt out and crabby by 3pm

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I feel like screaming!!

although my 20 mo old and 4 y/o's voices are sweet .....I just would like it to be quiet for a little while! and not have them climbing on me pushing their way in front of what ever I'm trying to do

just need some space!!

it's now 5 pm and they NEVER took a nap today
so basically no time at all to myself
it was a great morning as they did play a bit together w/ much interference so I was at least able to get some laundry done

and no DH won't be home to give me a break later, he is working late

DS has the chicken pox so he hasn't been to school the past 3 days....
which in some ways has been nice because I don't have to run around dropping him off and picking him up from school, swimming and music class...
and I missed out on my Friday morning language class which is my 2 hour child free time of learning + socializing time

it would just be nice to have a quiet moment...

well I guess it's kind of a quiet moment because I put on an audio story for DS to listen too.....but DD is running around with her squeaky shoes!!!

I just wish they could nap at the same time......

I'm tempted to put on DVD's so I can have some more quiet time to my self

well thank you just typing this has made me feel a little better.
Are there others out there who's DH's don't really/aren't able to give you a break? How do you deal w/ not time to yourself or how do you build it into your day?
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Rough Day

Here are some remedies I used when my guys were little.
1. Call on girlfriends and ask for an hour if you need it.
2. Take a bath, I would bring in the trucks and my boys would play on the floor while I was in the tub. More than once I was joined by two little ones, they would take over, I got out and after tub time they were ready for a nap.
3. Put on the DVD if you have to. It is okay to need a break and you shouldn't feel bad about it.
4. Build a fort, tipi, etc in the living room.
5. See if your husband can rework his schedule. Can he work from home if he has to work late?
6. Can your husband help out with a chore or two before work, like a load of laundry or dishes. My husband took over all laundry for a year when I was just to busy with other stuff.

You sound like a lovely momma. Make sure you make some time for yourself. You deserve it.
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I can relate! I have 2 DD's ages 2.5 and 5. My DH works out of the country several months a year (he's a civilian that works for the government). Even though my inlaws live with us about the only time I have any child free time is when I have a doctors appointment. DD1 goes to preschool and it's an hours drive 1 way so that's about the only quiet time I get - if you can call that quiet time. So I do have to resort to the TV/DVD's to get anything done. We have to do what we have to do. I did try to hire a sitter to get a break but DD2 wouldn't stay with her so that didn't work out. Maybe some other mama's will come up with some better advice. Sorry I don't have any, but wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I hope your DS is feeling better soon. I still remember having chicken pox when I was little, and I remember being really miserable.
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Thank you, I do feel guilt for using DVD's even though they are usually educational.

I think this has been particularly a bad week,

I tried the bath idea...it was good becuase they can splash and throw their toys all around and it's very easy to clean up when they're done

DH helps buying picking up things for the grocery store for us...

i realize this happens more when we're in all day due to rain or chicken pox

I think just getting out to go somewhere helps even if it's just get groceries...
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