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Heartburn go away!

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It's 3 weeks now of nonstop heartburn. At first i just suffered through. Then i gave in and bought tums. Mostly because i down 26 oz of water through out the night and water gives me the worst of the heartburn! I tried milk, but i only drink lactaid and it doesnt seem to do much. Ice cream helps, but i dont want to get up in the middle of the night lol.

Ironically enough, my lactose intolerance seems to have disappeared. I can have ice cream and cheese to my hearts content and not get any tummy issues or acne or rashes! First time in my life. I am sure it's short lived, but oh its so lovely to enjoy BR mint chocolate chip!

So here's to hoping that the heartburn stops. It's after everything i eat (except dairy products) or drink.
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Have you tried a once a day pill? I take Pepcid (just regular once-twice a day, not AC) and that really helps a lot. That and Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream are the only things I've found that help at all.
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I have to take Pepcid AC religiously every 12 hours or I am beyond miserable. I can't sleep, I get a headache etc.....a matter of fact I took my last one at about 2 AM this morning and need to get more.
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My heartburn is wicked evil!!! I found that a decent yogurt stops it in its place, though. Admittedly it's somewhat of a short term fix - it only lasts about 2 or 3 hours - but its immediate and i can get these mini-4oz cups from our local Trader Joes market, which are just enough to quell the fire in my esophagus without causing me to hate on yogurt from over-consumption.

I'm not going to vouch that its "this or that" in the yogurt cup that makes the heartburn vanish, but the stuff I buy is loaded with live active cultures. It's also organic. I don't know if either of those things factor into the cure, or if yogurt is just adept at balancing out the pH in the stomach, but I swear by it as a heartburn cure and haven't needed to take anything else!
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I take papaya enzymes for my heartburn. I ate tums like crazy with my last pregnancy, but after I read that it can attribute to placental problems (which I had with him) I vowed never again.

The papaya enzymes help and they taste good. I've also tried marshmallow root tea which helps right away.
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I suffer from heartburn without being pregnant so at this point I can't escape it now that his butt and/or feet are firmly wedged into my stomach!! LOL

Generally speaking I don't bother to do much because it doesn't seem to help...I don't take medication while pg, papaya enzymes do not work for me...once in awhile I will take a Tums but never more than 2 per day which is less than in most vitamin supplements. That doesn't do much of anything either but if it's really awful I figure I should be a little kinder to my esophogus right? LOL

Just a few more weeks and our stomachs will feel a lot less squished!!! and we'll have more options without affecting baby.
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