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Milk, milk, milk

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My milk came in quickly, too. And we just got back from her 2 week ped appt & Fiona has already gained 1lb, 1oz from her birth weight!!!
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DDC- I had to pump off extra in order for DS to latch well. My milk also came in at 24 hours and I had MASSIVE oversupply. For the first few weeks he couldn't latch well if I didn't pump a bit at first. I was worried about stimulating all that crazy milk supply, but it did regulate after a few weeks. I also primarily nursed on one side, my right though. Hang in there!
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I am loving having a nursing toddler for this reason! Whenever I get engorged I just have her take off a little pressure, she loves it, it's way easier than pumping and it's great bonding with my toddler during a time when she may feel a little less important. My milk is just flooding! Breastfeeding is the one thing that is going right after my hard delivery and how sick I have been since having the baby. The whole time I was in the hospital I was so afraid they wouldn't let me keep breastfeeding.
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