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which RRL tea?

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I've been drinking a RRL pregnancy blend tea I got from an herbal online store. It's loose leaf and I brew it at night and drink it cold the next day with a little agave nectar. I like it well enough but am looking for something new ... any recommendations? I liked the TM tea, but it's too expensive.

Also - can I keep drinking it after giving birth/while breastfeeding?
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I mix loose RRL with nettle leaf add some honey and drink it cold as well. Yogi tea makes a bag called "mother to be" that has RRL, nettle, peppermint, and dandelion, I like the taste, a bit more expensive than buying loose though. And yes you can drink RRL while nursing, the nutrients it provides are great for milk production.
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I picked a huge bunch of raspberry and nettle leaves last summer from our property, so I mostly use that. But I was also gifted tea bags from earth mama angel baby organics. It's their 'third trimester tea' and I really like it. I tend to make a bag of it and supplement with the stuff I harvested. Makes nice strong tea.
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